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The Alternative Corner - Model Spotlight featuring Corpse of Cheer

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I want to make this blog as diverse and interesting as possible, so I had the idea of asking my  babe Sara Corpsie (aka Corpse of Cheer) who dwells in then alternative modelling world, if I could maybe ask her a couple of questions and feature her in the blog. This turned out to be so fun! First, it gives me the chance to post something new and interesting to you guys and also to help my friend show her work (which is truly amazing, I am her fan nº1!). I also feel that this post in very inspirational, since she talks about the difficulties she had to overcome and the way she never stopped believing in herself, her abilities and her dreams. I hope you enjoy the interview, and please show her some love! She most definitely deserves it!

                                              (This is my favourite picture of her of all time. She looks like an  Amazon warrior!)

When and why did you become interested in alternative subculture?
I guess I could say I always felt connected to alternative lifestyles. being a child raised in front of the television, I had somewhat of a weakness for the awkward, talks-to-dead-friends-and-plays-with-crystals character. I also devoured entire books and comic books in a matter of weeks, all of the magical, fantasy, legends, old tales... you name it, I probably read it. I loved to dabble in tarot readings, crystal power, European demonology, horror movies, contacting with spirits, strange shops with incense and tall statues. after that came the music. I started at a very young age listening to Him, Korn, Bush, Marilyn Manson... I enjoyed most of the things forbidden to me. All of this had to be in secret due to my parents belonging to a religious christian cult that frowned upon all of this. I never had internet or any friends that were in the subculture or even interested in different things, so all of my influence to the alternative subculture came from the television. I guess in my case, I was a metalhead before I even knew I was one. my only exterior influence was the tv, and me getting into a rather original path was my own doing.

How and why did you get into alt modelling?
It was in a very difficult time of my life, and I really felt I had to prove myself I had the courage to be out there and get some self esteem. I decided I would never stop myself from doing something just because I was too weak to believe I could fulfil my dreams. In the beginning it was really hard to believe, but doors started opening and I saw all the positive feedback I kept getting, I felt accomplished and content, and this made me have the courage to pursue other projects that were on the back of my mind. "YES I CAN!" became my motto, all I ever needed was to believe in me, if no one did, then I would! and all I ever did to start this avalanche of feeling good and with stamina was simply applying to Modelmayhem. I was accepted and in no time I was being contacted for shoots.

What is your motivation for modelling? Do feel that with mainstream sites like, alt modelling is becoming mainstream?

I do this because it gives me pleasure, I love to have my spoon in alot of artistic gumbos hehe, I'm actually considering to apply to some mainstream agencies that get more "original" models for certain jobs. so I could say I do certain projects for pleasure but it doesn't hurt to see just how far we can go with them... relating to alt modelling becoming mainstream; only in our subculture. Just about every girl in it has tried to become a model or had some type of amateur shoot. and why not? it's fun and sometimes we find gorgeous girls with the right inclination for it!

Were you a fan of body art (tattoos, piercings, body mods) before modelling, and is body art a big part of the alt modelling industry?
Ho yes, I've been a lover of body mods for years now! It is truly an art to change yourself and create an amplified version of a better you, and yes, I would say that in alt modelling the body mods are very sought after! But I have seen some models with little to non alterations and they were killing it, so for me it's more a matter of having the confidence to rock yourself in any condition, be it with loads of mods, or with more modest body mods.

Who are your icons and main style inspirations?
This is a good one. I'll have to say that most of my style icons aren't even real people. And some of them are even men. so, to keep it simple I'll pin point them:
Queen Mab, Morgan Le Fay (Merlin) Nancy Downs, Lirio (The Craft) Elizabeth (Frankenstein) Morticia Addams (The Addams Family) Roxie Hart, Velma Kelly (Chicago) Santanico Pandemonium (From Dusk Till Dawn) Lisa Rowe, Susanna Kaysen (Girl, Interrupted) Dita Von Teese, Marilyn Manson, Helena Bonham Carter, Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, Emilie Autumn, Razor Candi, Mothmouth, to name a few...

This list is very old, but I have to say that my taste in style is mainly inspired on these people and almost everything they have done... they are more of an ethereal inspiration rather than a practical one.

Tell us a bit about your personal style
My style most of the time is more towards the relaxed and comfy. Every now and then I get the urge to dress up a bit better to school, and on outings I tend to go full blown. I would say I have some 50's inspiration, gothic and metalhead. My boyfriend makes fun of me by saying Im actually a hibrid, half goth - half metalhead. I just like to have a broad spectrum of style and inspiration to combine, mix, use as one or anything else I want to do. after all, we are girls, and girls love to try and experiment!

Thank you so much for your collaboration and time, dear Sara!

Here's where you can find her on the web, I particularly recommend that you check her youtube channel and SUBSCRIBE! She does many different types of video's based on the alternative lifestyle, from showing off her fancy corsets and reviewing them, to funny videos from outings with her friends, tags, tutorials... CHECK IT OUT!

Model Mayhem - (Where you can contact her for professional enquiries)
Youtube -  

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