Saturday, 9 February 2013

Portugal, the last days.

Hi little batlings!

Life has sure been hectic lately. So, what's up you ask? I´M IN FREAKING AUSTRIA, that's what's up!

But before I tell you more about that, I wanna share with you my last days in Portugal, for they have been the happier I had in maybe an year or so. I spent the last month basically attached to my other half like a Siamese twin, and it was simply blissful. I don't want to dab too much into this subject, because my personal life is after all my own, but this is my blog where I speak about my life and feelings. Plus, my heart is so full of love that I feel the need to share it with you all, or else it's gonna burst and spread a thousand red lamerame hearts into the world :P. I love him. He's the most kind person I ever had the pleasure of knowing. He's sincere, good-natured, and genuine, although a bit stubborn sometimes. He's a very open person, always yearning to learn and enjoy new things. He never criticizes me, and always supports me with his full-on love and affection. Together, we laugh like I never laughed before. It is hard to put into words all that I feel about him, and all that we share. I never had a bond like this with anybody before. All of my relationships were rocky and clouded with doubts and with him I don't even need to think, I just feel. We've only been together for a short amount of time, but this, this unbelievably amazing thing I feel for him (and I know he feels the same) is not connected with time nor place, as it is above it all. I don't know the future, but I can tell you one thing: If there is such a thing as soul-mates, I think I might have found mine. And he makes me feel like the happier and most loved gall of the whole entire planet.

Also, my dear dear friends have made my last days in Portugal unforgettable, and I felt truly loved by all of you. A special shout out to all my soces, and the 3 best friends one could wish for in the world: My dear soul brother Marco, My wonderful soul sister Corpsie, and my lovely dovely Mecks. You guys = <3

And now, my last days in Portugal! Basically, I learnt a bit of german, hung out my love a bunch, and partied with my friends. Take a peek!

    Being silly around ISCTE with mah babes
Had a couple of pints (actually, I had a Beirão cause I strongly dislike beer :p ) at O'Gillins.

Went on a little quest on a very unlucky day in Sintra, in search of mead in a very magical little shop I shall introduce to you on a different post.

Had a socenik and played this drinking game in the Barathien house. The player that advanced the furthest only made it to the 40th house. I´m sad I don't get to share more pictures of that night with you,  for their privacy sakes. I can assure you, THEY ARE HILARIOUS! Also, look at me being a drunk grumpy cat in that last pic, ahah!

Had a socenik in Sintra. Got drunk and wondered in the woods with a bunch of crazy metalhead friends. Smoked some sheesha, grilled some chorizo, walked loads in the middle of the forest. It was great!


Went to VALHALA, and truly felt like in I was in viking heaven. Drank, danced and moshed to loads of folk and viking metal. I have the best friend ever, its impossible not to have a wonderful time with them, and this was one of the most fun nights ever!

Making this post was like a walk down memory lane of last month in Portugal, and it felt great. I MISS YOU ALL LOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADS, Without you I´m nothing! See you in 6 months <3

Next, Österreich!

Stay tuned!