Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Alternative Corner - Vlogger spotlight feat Melon Lady

Hey Y'all!

So as mentioned before, I decided to start sharing with you some of the people on the interwebz that entertain me and make life more interesting. Vlogging is one of the things that I spend most of my time on, when I´m online. It's much more dynamic than reading a blog, since you can actually see and hear what the person is talking about and therefore connect with it much more. Plus, it's really open since you get a bit of everything, tutorials, daily life, hauls, reviews... I personally think it's a window to other countries (I just love when bloggers film their surroundings, the concerts they go to, places around their towns...). For example, right now tons of american vloggers are posting Halloween related stuff, tours of their decorated houses, of the stuff the shops are selling, of their costumes, etc. Loving all things strange and macabre (mvahaha) of course I´m toatz into halloween, I just love the feeling and mood (goth xmas, anyone?) and since we don't have much of that in Portugal, vlogs are wonderful opportunity to see what they get up to in America.

Anyhow, on to the topic of this post. The first youtube person I decided to share with you is Melon Lady. I don't even know how I came across her channel, but I think the beautiful lavender hair might have pulled me into its vortex. Her channel, slowly but steadily became one of my favourites on youtube.

She is just a very open and dynamic person, and the way she vlogs is so natural that you cannot avoid loving watching her vlogs. She posts about everything and nothing really, and her channel is a mix between beauty guru and daily vlogger. You can catch a vlog of her going to a concert or festival, a tutorial about how to dye your hair or a day in the life of, all spiced up with her beautiful pomeranian Jetson and her cute boyfriend Ben. Her style is also very unique, and I find it very inspirational.
Another thing I really like about her, it's the way she embraces her body. She is a curvy girl (I think her body is amazing) and she's not afraid to show it on youtube, although she always receives a fair share of criticism from morons who think they are the shit just because they can call people names behind the safety of their computers and anonymous user-names. I remember a video she put up showing of the bikinis she had bought, which had like a warning in the description: "Don't watch if you're bothered by curvy girls". Not only are we not bothered, we love watching your vids Melon! Definitely one of my favourite youtubers!  

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  1. Melon Lady!! OMG I seriously love her and she is my favourite person on YouTube. I like her style (and her hair) and she also seems very friendly.

    Anyway I really like your blog and your nickname, Zombina makes me think of Zombina and the Skeletons :D

    Cheers x

    1. Eheh, the nickname was indeed inspired by Zombina and the Skeletons :D I agree, she just seems so happy, open and friendly! Her vlogs are truly enjoyable, I always look forward for them!

      Thanks for the comment x