Thursday, 25 October 2012

7ºth deadly outfit, Kurosawa, and the Portuguese Cinemateca!

Hello Ghoulies!

Yesterday was a very fun day! I met up with friends on the coffee place of Portuguese cinemateca (museum of cinema) and spent all afternoon long chatting. I just love that quaint place! First of all, you know I study cinema and I´m a film lover, so no surprise I really like going to the cinemateca. The coffee shop is really quiet and cosy, also nicely decorated with loads of movie posters, and a nice terrace for when the weather's sunny. We hung out there had dinner on Mcd's, and then went back to watch Akiro Kurosawa's Kagemusha - (A Sombra do Guerreiro). I had previously never seen anything from Kurosawa, but had heard loads about his masterpieces. The film had an introduction by cinemateca's founder (Félix Ribeiro) son, which lasted for 45 mins and at first I thought was a bit boring. But the film copy the cinemateca displayed was in bad shape, with some cuts and jumps, so I the introduction really helped me understanding the story. I must say that I was sleepy and therefore didn't appreciate the film to its full potential, since it is a bit slow. But I felt it was very philosophical and beautifully shot. Though I wasn't in the best of moods yesterday and therefore couldn't really submerge myself in the film like I should have, it had an impact on me. It's a film about feelings and honor, with beautiful scenes and shots, very emotional and yet simple at the same time.

Sorry if you really can't see the outfit well in the picture, but I wanted to show you my favorite room of the cinemateca. It has fairy lights all over the ceiling, and it feels like you're under a very starry sky. Check it out you haven't yet!

Outside. I´m not gonna bother doing an outfit description, since I think the pictures aren't the best.

One of the things that I love most about the cinemateca, is that it makes me feel like i´m in some era of the past. Look at those neon lights! Have you ever seen woody allen's midnight in paris? I feel like i´m back in the 30s or 40s!

And a bonus picture. I ate a delicious chocolate muffin there, and when I finished, i discovered it was marked with an heart! <3 awwww

See that bigger dot on the picture? Enlarge it! It's most definitely a heart, and it made me smile :D

Take care, lovelies!