Sunday, 30 December 2012

Long overdue update - soon!

Babes, babes, babes!

Merry belated xmas to all! I've been ever so busy on the holidays, and been thinking about updating for ages, but alas, no time! I have loads of hauls to blog about, what i got for xmas, what i got on the sales, what I got on feira da ladra this saturday... And all for ridiculous low prices! I need the holiday season to be over, and then a proper update shall be posted, I promise! I´m a bit hungover from last night, so this is over and out for me, blaaaah.

Till soon!

And here's a cat. Just cause.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

The alternative Corner - 5 timeless tracks by female vocalists that are absolutely dreamy

Hey ghoulies,

I´m lounging on my friend Marco's couch, and the weekend has been great so far. Friday I went out with some friends to Noir, got massively drunk and had a blast. Yesterday, me and Marco went xmas light sightseeying in Lisbon (i shall post thepictures), had a long overdue coffee with my dearest patxi, had dinner in Portugalia and ended up going to the cinema to watch cloud atlas (i recommend it, it is a bit of a mindfuck, but it reflects about some important questions in life). Today, it is a lazy sunday, and we're just chillin, watching tv, listening to xmas songs, cooking and we're gonna put up the xmas tree later, yaysss!

Because I´m in a very musical mood, I decided to share with you 5 timeless tracks that I adore and never get tired of, sang by women. All of them are very special and close to my heart, for different reasons. I hope you like em!

Dead Can Dance - Frontier

This song is just haunting and mesmerizing, in a very good way. Lisa's vocals are entrancing, and whenever I listen to it I just embark in a mental voyage throughtout dreams and thoughts.

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Face to Face

This song... I have no words. Siouxsie and the banshees are one of my fav bands ever, and this song is purely rawr, sensual and etheral.

X Mal Deutschland - Incubus Succubus II

One of my favourite dance tracks ever, while still being very entrancing.

Diva Destruction - "In Dreaming"

One of my favourite lovesongs, the lyrics are haunting,and I love her voice.

Skeletal Family - Promised Land 

Another one of my favourite dance tracks. It also has the best guitar ever!


(Not sang by women, but it I feel it fits perfectly in this list, and it is one of the tunes ofmy life, so I have to add it to the list)

Cinema Strange - Greensward grey

No human words can describe this song. This is the stuff dreams and nightmares are made of.

Enjoy them my dear batlings, for they are absolutely beautiful <3

Friday, 14 December 2012

We hobbited!

Hello batlings and creatures,

I´m kinda of in a hurry, cause I have german lessons tommorow early, but I just wanted to share a picture of the hobbit pre-premiere that we went to! I managed to grab three invitations, and another friend won one in the radio, so we went all together! I´m not gonna spoil anything, but the movie's great! Not much happens in the story, but it makes up for it in photography, humor, battle scenes and Gollum! ahaha I kinda cosplayed an elf inspired outfit, and met a dwarf there! I´ll do a proper post on it later on, promise!

Take care *

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Day in the life of - Animals, outfit, Sintra and books!

Hey dearies,

So the other day, I decided it would be really fun to take some pictures of the stuff I get around to, during the day, and post them here to show you guys. I only took pictures of the more interesting and nice bits, but it was a really fun day! I was all by myself, but went around doing different stuff and was really tired by the end of it. Come with me and check it out!

I started the morning cosy, as it was really hugely cold when I got out of bed. So I made myself a cup of chocolate tea (yums) and drank it while I checked my emails on the computer!

This is my cat, Junior! He is a "Noruguês dos bosques", I don't know the name of the breed in english, but he is huge and fluffy, and has a moustache, as you can see!

Look at his moustache! He looks like eça de queiroz, ahah

Time to show you some more pupz, this is my pipoca. Half chihuahua, half yorkie

And Freddie, my macho latino chihuahua! <3

My outfit! I love those converse sneakers! I bought them half price at an outlet, and the camouflage has skulls worked into the pattern! Btw, I LOVEEEEEE my batman sweater!

Now, as you creatures of the night now, 2013 is the year of the bat. So I knew there was this bat exhibition in Sintra, with loads of bat pictures drawn by kids and stuff. I had to go and check it out!

Some of the bat species that roam in Portugal! :D

Afterwards, there was another exhibition about Roman remains in Sintra, and I decided to check it out. I only took pictures of a coolass human skeleton, but I watched like an hour long video of all the roman remains and ruins present around Sintra. There's loads of stuff and it was so interesting and amazing!

  I then proceeded to go to some shops, and have a wander around my beautiful village. I´m sure you're all gonna turn green of envy, cause this is where I live <3

Isn't it absolutely breathtaking? It looks like it's part of fairytale!

Afterwards, I went to a expensive ass charity shop (where I only got a book) and to the library. The xmas decorations are out, and it looks so lovely! I especially liked the yummi christmas tree!

And inside, they had a xmas tree made from books! Aww!

These are the books I bought & borrowed from the library!

Lastly, I have a surprise... Sneak peek preview of my new hair colour :D


Hope you like wandering around with me <3 See you soon!

New in (small haul - clothes, makeup, acessories)

Hey ghoulies!

I've got a series of delayed posts that I need to do. I've been quite active lately, and would like to share some bits and bobs with you! First, some of the purchases I've been doing lately. They're mostly trades and stuff, since I've been as poor as a... I dunno, as poor as ever! Still, I really enjoy getting my hands on some new goodies, so I´m quite active in the trade world. Let's check zee new goodies out!

- Ysl radiance foundation
- Chanel Lipliner
- Big spikes (kinda like bullets) collar

Beautiful brooch necklace

 My new BEAUTIFUL ranger 302 <3

New Skirt

 - Burjouis Bronzer
- Beutiful light lipstick, on a purply plum colour, by body shop (IT SMELLS AMAZING!)
- Two little sample pots, one contains a gorgeous golden pigment from MAC, and another a YSL iluminator 

I feel like there's more, but sometimes I just forget to take pictures of stuff, so yeah. There you have it, my new fabulous purchases! 

See you soon!

Monday, 3 December 2012

The Alternative Corner - Have a very batty christmas! Playlist

My dear dear monsters,

Here's my early xmas present for you all, my HAVE A VERY BATTY CHRISTMAS! music playlist, that I put together specially thinking about you all. I think it is perfect to put you on that magical xmas mood, for when you are just doing random chores around the house, cooking, putting up your xmas decorations, or if you just wanna feel xmasy! It contains everything an alt christmas playlist should have, alternative xmas tunes and covers of classics (like Faith and the Muse, Nightwish, Nox Arcana, The Cruxshadows, David Bowie, Alien Sex Fiend), some of yee old but very very good classics (like Spike Jones,  Dean Martin, Eartha Kitt,  The Pogues, Bing Crosby), movie soundtracks (Nightmare Before Christmas, Anastacia, Harry Potter), some of the cheesy classics obviously (Wham!), and even some Christmasy electronic, trance and dubstep tunes. There is something to please everybody, and I´m really glad with the way it turned out! I´m gonna blast it through my house and on my Mp3 player all December long, weeee! So without furter ado, ghouls and ghoulettes, witches and wizards, goblins and faery creatures, I give you...

Just click on Frankie, Wolfie and Dracula! 

It is still a work in progress, so If you'd like to suggest some tunes, comment down below and I´ll add them <3

I hope you like it, I´m listening to it right now!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Santa claus is comingggg to town! My feelings towards christmas & christmas memories

Hello my ghoulies!

TIS THE FIRST OF DECEMBER, OH JOLLY GOLLY! I love December, I just love it. The sunny winter days, the chilly mornings, and best of all... CHRISTMAS! Whoever knows me, even at a superficial level, knows that I am a peter pan at heart. I don't want to grow up, at least not an in some levels. I never want to lose the ability of getting so excited and happy with the little things of life, of being able to be silly whenever I feel like it, of walking in public wearing kitty ears or other childish accessories, of kicking the pills of leafs in the street, of just... I don't love, loving life, or connecting with the world, reality and others in a non adult manner. This doesn't mean I´m not mature or grown up in an intellectual or personal level, it just means I like to face reality with a different attitude, and I don't feel like I should be bound by society's concept of what an adult woman looks and acts like. I just never want to lose the ability to dream and just be spontaneous. It might sound silly to you, but it's just the way it is for me. That being said, I´m sure it doesn't come as a surprise that I tend to love the holidays. Easter, halloween, Carnaval (it's a kind of holiday celebrated in some countries, where people dress up and play pranks on each other), but my favourite two are without a doubt my birthday and xmas! Now my birthday is special for obvious reasons, it is everybody's special day where people should be extra loved and taken care of by friends and family.

But christmas... I was lucky enough to have grown rooted in a very united and caring family (although that isn't the case, nowadays). I don't specially mean my parents, but the wider side of the family. I have two younger brothers, and for a very long time, we were the only babies in the family, and therefore everybody tended to us and wanted to make us feel loved and special. Christmases were just magical. We all got together, my parents, brothers with my mother's side of the family (godparents, grandparents and uncles) in my grandparents house for a great big party. There were Christmas films, and delicious food, christmas decorations and lights... My grandfather was a doctor (he is still alive, but has retired nowadays) and his patients used to bring him loads of christmas delicious cakes and seasonal treats that added to the party. My favourite one was always the christmas log (I don't know if you have it in other countries, it is a very delicious cake covered in chocolate frosting). Anyway, here's have I loved the most about it. At 11 pm, we all went down to the basement (where my grandfathers medical practice was) and we deposited just one shoe wherever we wanted to. Then, close to midnight, one of my family members would ring the bell, and mayhem would ensue. IT'S SANTA CLAUS U GUYS, HE'S COMING! Me and my brothers would die of excitement, and just run around like maniacs. Then some members of our family would usher us to an unused room, and we would wait there with them, as santa placed presents downstairs and ate the plate of stuff we left them (not milk and cookies, more like pastries, and cake and a bunch of random seasonal stuff and a chalice of port wine!). Lastly, before he left, he would always come to the door of the room we were, and talk to us from the other side of the door. He would address us personally, asking us if we were god and had behaved well all year long (this was usually my grandfather, in a very deep voice): VANESSA... HAVE YOU BEEN A GOOD KID THIS YEAR? HAVE YOU ALWAYS DONE WHAT YOU WERE TOLD, WERE GOOD TO YOUR PARENTS AND BROTHERS, AND BEHAVED WELL? And I would answer in a very low, scared and excited, shriekly kind of voice: Yes, Santa...! He did the same to my brothers, said bye bye, and off he went! I remember than once, after he was gone, and I´m not making this up, I looked out the window and saw his snow-sleigh flying away, and even heard the bells jingling! Looking at it nowadays, I think I believed in Santa so much, that I actually saw this through the power of imagination! Or maybe it was just christmas magic! I can still remember it to this day, like if it was an actual memory! Awww, happy times!

Then, we would run downstairs and start unwrapping our presents. All the adults used to wait before we were done before they started opening their own presents, and just helped us, took pictures and smiled while we showed them our wonderful new toys and stuff. When we were done, a pile of wrapping paper would lie next to our shoe, and we would run of to play with our favourite new things for a while. After this, me, my brothers and parents used to head on to my grandparents (from my father side of the family) house for a small party and just to open their presents also. My Christmases as a child are such happy memories, that my eyes swell up with happy tears as I remember them. Nowadays, after my grandmother and godparents have passed, and my father being the way he is, has managed to break the family apart so we don't spend it with my mother's side of the family anymore. Still, I treasure this memories fondly, and I think they are a big part of why I am such a child at heart!

I don't tend to post about very intimal things on this blog (I use my LJ for that), but happy memories are meant to be shared and not kept private.

I love christmas to this day. I love the christmas songs playing everywhere (on the radio, supermarkets, shops...), the colourful lights and decorations on streets and shop windows, the christmas films on tv... I love going out to Lisbon's downtown, in a chilly december afternoons, and just browse the shops for christmas gifts, and walk around town, marvelling at the christmas lights... I love choosing and picking perfect presents for my family & friends, and seeing their faces as they open them... And of course, I love receiving presents and surprise as well (who doesn't???). Some people look at christmas as a religious holiday, or an ode to consumerism... For me, it tis the season to be jolly, to be extra kind to other people, and just to let the child inside your heart come out and be merry!

And I am preparing a small but very thoughtful early christmas present for you all! The next post will be mine "have a very batty christmas!" playlist, featuring my favourite christmas songs! It contains all the ingredients for a very gothmas mood, christmas songs by alternative bands, some of yee old classics, some soundtracks from films that have a chrismasy feeling about them, and even a couple electronic tracks! Soon to be posted :D Keep an eye out for it!

Enjoy your december my dearies! Only 23 days to xmas eveeeeeeeeeeeee :D