Saturday, 1 February 2014

Past Adventures - Road trip to Bratislava

Hello Ghouls and Ghoulettes!

Yesterday I was browsing through some past pictures (believe me, there are many!) and I decided it would be fun to open a new theme in the blog. So from now on, I´ll be sharing some of my most interesting past adventures with you! I´m kind of a traveller, a citizen of the world, of sorts. I´ve lived in Wales, England, Portugal, Spain and Austria. Additionally, I've travelled to Germany (twice), France, Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic (twice), plus the Azores (beautiful portuguese islands in the Atlantic Ocean).  I even went to the african continent once, I travelled with my parents to Ceuta from Spain (you can get a boat there) and spent a day there, though I´m not sure if that counts as leaving Europe. I love, love, LOVE to travel! In the future, I really want to travel all over Europe (specially go to Ireland and Scotland), The USA, Mexico (dia de los muertos <3), Egypt and Japan. Anyway, on the the point. In this theme I´ll be sharing all kinds of adventures from the past, no matter how old. Travels, days out with friends, festival outings, everything! I´ll create a special tag for it, so if you're interested, always feel free to check the "Past Adventures" tag, and come share my frockings with me! I plan to post soon many of my trips within the UK, my trip to wave gotik treffen, my trip to Disneyland Paris, several trips from while I was in Austria... Stay tunned!

I´ll start with a roadtrip I made with some friends to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Come and wander with me, after the cut!

Devin Castle, Bratislava.