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Past Adventures - Road trip to Bratislava

Hello Ghouls and Ghoulettes!

Yesterday I was browsing through some past pictures (believe me, there are many!) and I decided it would be fun to open a new theme in the blog. So from now on, I´ll be sharing some of my most interesting past adventures with you! I´m kind of a traveller, a citizen of the world, of sorts. I´ve lived in Wales, England, Portugal, Spain and Austria. Additionally, I've travelled to Germany (twice), France, Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic (twice), plus the Azores (beautiful portuguese islands in the Atlantic Ocean).  I even went to the african continent once, I travelled with my parents to Ceuta from Spain (you can get a boat there) and spent a day there, though I´m not sure if that counts as leaving Europe. I love, love, LOVE to travel! In the future, I really want to travel all over Europe (specially go to Ireland and Scotland), The USA, Mexico (dia de los muertos <3), Egypt and Japan. Anyway, on the the point. In this theme I´ll be sharing all kinds of adventures from the past, no matter how old. Travels, days out with friends, festival outings, everything! I´ll create a special tag for it, so if you're interested, always feel free to check the "Past Adventures" tag, and come share my frockings with me! I plan to post soon many of my trips within the UK, my trip to wave gotik treffen, my trip to Disneyland Paris, several trips from while I was in Austria... Stay tunned!

I´ll start with a roadtrip I made with some friends to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Come and wander with me, after the cut!

Devin Castle, Bratislava.

The road trip starts, weee! Here, we were crossing the bridge to enter Bratislava.

 Posing with a sight, like a true tourist

 Selfies with Sara

Me with zee germans, and Medusa

Views, streets, and urban art <3  Did I ever tell you I have a massive love for Urban Art? Banksy <3

UFO observing tower, no shit

When in a Slovakian church, please refrain to show cleavage. An iron sculpture of legs in the middle of old town is completely acceptable though. 

Happy child!

After seeing the sights around the city  (tip: there is not much to see in Bratislava, and I reckon you can around town in like two hours. Food is extremely cheap though, so make sure you plan to have enough time to sit down and enjoy some food).

I already knew, from previous wanderings, that germans were extremely proficient. This trip took it to an all other level though. We decided to stop at a supermarket and arrange a barbecue, and this ensued:

Me and Sara being ladies and chilling, while the boys did the cooking.

JUST HOW FREAKING AMAZING DOES THIS LOOK? Would you think to buy mushrooms and fill them with delicious garlic butter, and then barbecue them in a marvellous sight near Devin Castle? Germans do, and it's awesome.

Inside the Castles walls, I cannot describe the view. It was simply breathtaking, one of the most idyllic places were I've ever been, and I don't think the photos do it justice.

A mermaid in a sea of green?

PHOTOBOMB! (he fucking scared me, but i´m not showing the pictures of that lol)

Devin Castle AKA one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth

Even the Báthorys passed by! Countess Bathory, YEAAAH \M/

Lochness monster travelled to Slovakia?

Girls posing, and my attempt at duck face!

Collin conquers the peak!

A very hard (but sucessful) attempt to cross to the forbidden part of the Castle. We are troublemakers, and went exploring.

+ : Cheap food, Ice cream scoop costs 0.50 in the stall besides the castle!
Devin Castle is amazing
Nightlife's supposed to be pretty good (although we returned to Vienna on the same day, therefore we didn't go out)

- : Not much to see or do really (but Devin Castle makes it worth your while).

I really hope you enjoy this new thing. I take soooo many pictures in my life, that is nice to finally share them in something meaningful. Sorry for the lengthy post, but i hopefully you'll like it!


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