Saturday, 26 January 2013

At last, INKED! Beware, beware, this is a bat attack my friend!

Hey babes!

I've been a very very naughty blogger, and have disappeared from the face of the earth. Truth to be told, too much is going on, on life right now. Mostly wonderful things, fortunately! I found somebody that is truly a "schatz" , whom I love and treasure very much, and we are building a beautiful relationship together. He has 7 brothers and sisters and they are all very close, so I also gained a bunch of new comrades with whom i've been hanging out loads. I´m moving to Austria for 6 months on next Wednesday. I´m amazed and overwhelmed with life at the moment, I feel like I need a brake to breath and be able to assimilate all of this. I guess I shall have time in Austria (although I kinda hope I don't!). I´m ever so tired, so let's move on to the point of the post, which is... MY FIRST TATTOO, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYUS!

My bare shoulder, for the last time ever!

Halfway through, the outlines of my little babies!

During mah break, before the last touches were made!

Ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah the final result. THEY ARE PERFECT, AND MINE, FOREVEEEER! My little baby bats! I can talk more about why I did them and what they mean to me in the future, i´m too tired right now.

Lastly, my babe's piece:

We lost our tattoo virginity together, so the process was altogether very special. By the way and because i know you're gonna read this, I love your face Sills!



Friday, 4 January 2013

Deadly oufit + New year's party!

Hey ghoulies,

Today i´m sharing with ya my new years eve outfit, as well as face of the day and some random snaps of the night. And what a night it was! It started out slowly, with me taking ages to get ready, us having a late dinner and therefore drinking sesh. After eating, we went to adamastor belvedere (one of the coolest places downtown) to see the fireworks (we got to see 4 displays at the same time :D). Unfortunately I was filming a vid, so no pics of the beautiful fireworks. After that, we went back to the house, played drinking games till we felt drunk enough to go out, and went to club Noir. Alcino and Lena Kat were djing, so I knew it would be a good night, and indeed it was! They played loads of sweet tunes, including l'aventurier by indochine, requested by yours truly. Also found many friends in Noir, which was cool! At 7 am, we returned, tried to watch planet terror (<3) but of course fell asleep. It didn't feel as crazy as new years past, but still, it was awesome :D

The dress my uncle gave me for christmas, I FREAKING LOVE IT! The skirt kept riding up though, which was a pain in the ass! (And in the background, a sneak peek of the vintage/antique buggy I got on feira da ladra!)

 Makeup shot

Dinner, Pizza from dia! We're just so fancy! ahaha

Random snaps

In Adamastor, waiting for the fireworks!

The last picture of 2012:

And the first of 2013:

My face, it gives me the creeps.

HAPPY 2013 YOU ALL! After a kinda meeeh 2012, I hope 2013 is my year!  <3

What I got for xmas aka Happy times!

Ghouls of my heart, how are you?

I´m coming back to earth. These past weeks my head's been in the clouds, and I feel like I was trapped in some weird (happy) time vortex. There was xmas. There was lots of food (main courses were shrimp, turkey and bacalao), there were sweats and desserts (portuguese names, bear with me - baba de camelo, bolo de mousse, mousse, serradura, all kinds of sweets, ice cream ladidah). There were xmas presents. The mood was golly, and it felt pretty nice. The best way to explain it is, somehow it didn't feel xmasy, yet it was really nice and happy (same happened with new years celebrations!). There were no arguments or grumpiness, for which I was very grateful. We stayed up till 5 am in my brothers house, exchanging gifts, watching TV and playing guitar hero. The next day, we headed over to my aunt, played with my cousins, got some more pressies and had some moar nice foodies. Xmas was great this year, and I was very happy all the time. Yay!

So, in case you're curious (or maybe i´m just showing of, ah!) these are the pressies I got! I tried to divide the stuff in categories, to make it easier.

Clothes and stuff -

  JC lita replicas, a pair of black socks, and a bat jumper which I <3 (Also, my new years eve dress which I LOVEEEEEEEE and you will see in my new year's report post!)

Random stuff -

  Candle holder, peach candles, travelsize containers (for austria!), a scp (my portuguese football club) mug, a dvd and 3 books

Makeup and beauty related products:

Pre natal washing up without water liquid soap (great for festivals!), Acessorize makeup goodies box (3 nail varnishes, a body wash, a blusher, a mineralized skin finish and some body butter), a little box of lip-glosses and a metal makeup case (I freaking love the caseeee!! - and i think you can see what's inside, so no need to describe it)

A perfume (smells like raspberry, it's like yummy!!), a detangler spray, a coconut body milk (I hate the taste of coconut, but I love it's smell!), an anti dark circles under eyes cream (lol, i think i might have made up this name), a brush, a purple nail varnish, black glitter eyeshadow and eyepencil from Kiko (<3 that shop and their products!)

Last but not the least, YUMMIES!:

  A biiiigass praline chocolat box, two little bitesize shortcake packages (I was addicted to those when I lived in England, and my uncle lives there, so he remembered and brought me some. I cried a little when I tore up the wrapping paper and saw them!), some biscuits, some jelly berries, some mon cherie dupes (that i don't like, blah) and some xmas themed chocolat!

I´m missing a framed puzzle my friend Marco gave me, with stars and moons and wizards, which is completely childlike and amazing, but I left it at his house unfortunately :( Meh!

Also got some money and stuff (catxim!) but i wasn't about to photograph that.

I´m so grateful for everything I got! I thought that with the crisis and all, i'd have a slim stack of presents, but as you see, I was a very lucky gall and got tons of amazing pressies!

Thanks to my family, friend and pets for making my Christmas (and my life) a truly happy one!