Saturday, 26 January 2013

At last, INKED! Beware, beware, this is a bat attack my friend!

Hey babes!

I've been a very very naughty blogger, and have disappeared from the face of the earth. Truth to be told, too much is going on, on life right now. Mostly wonderful things, fortunately! I found somebody that is truly a "schatz" , whom I love and treasure very much, and we are building a beautiful relationship together. He has 7 brothers and sisters and they are all very close, so I also gained a bunch of new comrades with whom i've been hanging out loads. I´m moving to Austria for 6 months on next Wednesday. I´m amazed and overwhelmed with life at the moment, I feel like I need a brake to breath and be able to assimilate all of this. I guess I shall have time in Austria (although I kinda hope I don't!). I´m ever so tired, so let's move on to the point of the post, which is... MY FIRST TATTOO, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYUS!

My bare shoulder, for the last time ever!

Halfway through, the outlines of my little babies!

During mah break, before the last touches were made!

Ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah the final result. THEY ARE PERFECT, AND MINE, FOREVEEEER! My little baby bats! I can talk more about why I did them and what they mean to me in the future, i´m too tired right now.

Lastly, my babe's piece:

We lost our tattoo virginity together, so the process was altogether very special. By the way and because i know you're gonna read this, I love your face Sills!




  1. Damn little hummingbird! You surely know how to transform a great event such ours, to an amazing masterpiece photoblog with an excelent description. My little Dove this is for life <3

  2. Nice ink. The bats turned out really cool.

    1. Thank you so much, they are my babies! :)