Tuesday, 30 October 2012

On a 90s Crave, come and take a walk with child/teen me!

A blog with just pictures and lifestyle events can be a bit boring, I reckon. So today I´m sharing some of my tastes and interests with you. As a child of the 90s (I was born in 86, but was far too young to enjoy the glorious 80s)  I am interested in many of the fabulous (sometimes so corny, they become fabulous!) trends of the 90s. Some of the stuff I was too young to enjoy, but get to re-live now, and feel like I´m back on those glorious days.

So follow me on a journey to same of my favourite ninities trends, from films to TV series, to music and Fashionnnnn inspiration! This is the first part of this series, about film and tv, and the second part shall be posted verrrrry soooooon! On this post I mainly approach the stuff that I liked back then, so it's kind of a child/teen-like perspective, be warned!




One of my childhood favourites. I remember I had a major crush on Ru-fi-oooo! And I used to want to live in a tree-house and have the power to materialize make believe food, like the lost children do!


A classic, what more can I say? I love all of 90's Tim Burton films (from Mars Attacks! to Ed Wood, Batman, Batman returns, Nightmare before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands - My absolute favourite) but I chose to feature Beetlejuice because I used to watch with my mum, when I was a child, and it brings me loads of found memories!. Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

The Addams Family

What can I say? I think this film influenced my whole life. I used to love it's aesthetics, the personality of the characters, and found it so appealing generally. I remember my life goal at the time was to become Wednesday Addams! I particularly remember that one night, it was on TV really late, and my mom allowed me to stay up and watch it with her. And I've loved it ever since!


I had to include this, and it was a though choice between Beauty and the Beast and Pocahontas. I must confess that Beauty and the Beast was my favourite growing up, but I loved Pocahontas as well. And I used to watch it all the time when I was an aupair in Wales, with my girls. I think she's the best Disney princess, really strong and faithful to her convictions. Plus, in the second movie, she totally dumps John Smith (who's being a twat) for John Rolve! You go grrl!



Not wanting to sound lame, VAMP WAS THE BESTEST AWESOMEST GREATEST series ever! Well, it isn't exactly a series, but a super cool brazilian soap-opera that was on portuguese tv on the 90s.  My aunt used to be a goth back then, and I remember that I started watching this with her while we were on vacations, on Nazaré. I was probably 5 or 6, and I was fascinated by it, their amazing vampire costumes, count Dracula, Natasha... I saw it again on Sic Gold some years ago, and it was just as good as in 1991!

Freaks and Geeks

I was a bit older when it was on at Sic Radical, so I could appreciate it more. Some years ago, I downloaded and re-watched every single episode, and it's just AWESOME! It's a series about a group of teenagers in the 80s, their relationships with each other, school, their parents. It's very well done, amazingly funny and it has the best soundtrack! Many of the actors are also quite famous, nowadays!


I AM RE-WATCHING THIS SERIES RIGHT NOW, AND I´M SO ADDICTED! I remember that back on early 2000's, I used to watch this on my grandma's house on the afternoons, after school. I was exactly the same age as the characters, so I could really relate to their problems. I was SO SAD when Harrison got sick! I´m at about the middle of the second series now, and I love it even more now that I´m re-watching it. The in-depth way they approach the problems and the issues that were in vogue in the late 90s, is very honest and direct. The characters are stereotypical, but very relatable. It is a bit dramatic, but not overly dramatic. Awww, the 90s!

 My So-Called Life

I don't think this series was on Portuguese tv, but I came across a post about it on Tavi's Gevinson's The Style Rookie, and was in instant aww by the amazing display of full on 90s grunge fashion. I must say this is what made me download and watch it. And I´m very glad I did. It's similar to Popular, though this came out a bit earlier, but it deals with the same kind of teenagy like problems. The soundtrack is BEYOND AMAZING and Angela Chase rulez! (although I prefer Rayanne's sense of fashion)

Hope you enjoy this post, and stay tuned for the rest of the series!


  1. I <3 the 90s. I was an 80s baby also, so I got the brunt of the 90s! I used to watch the Beetlejuice cartoon - I have trading cards from it! I actually didn't watch My-So-Called Life thoroughly until high school, it's definitely one of my favorites. I like it because it wasn't over-saturated with lame ass kissy bullshit, gossip, or sex (unlike today's crap). It was just raw teenaged 90s.

    1. I agree, it has that pure 90s feeling that really takes you back, complemented by that amazing soundtrack!

  2. How was I not already following you?! I have remedied this immediately.
    I'm so proud to be a child of the 90s, people always look at me funny for saying that but we had the BEST stuff! I'm really enjoying the 90s craze right now. This post was so fun ♥

    1. Aww, i´m happy that you're following me Juli! :)

      We did have the best stuff and now we're old enough to appreciate it! I´ve been incorporating a bit of 90s fashion to my wardrobe lately and just playing around with it and I love it <3

  3. Yes to all of this! Love the 90s so much. I was Britney in Baby One More Time for Halloween this year.

    <3 Melissa

    1. I wanted to be Lydia Deetz (from bettlejuice) this year, but ended up changing my mind to something easier. Post pictures of you dressing like brit, i´ll definitely check them out on your blog!

  4. OMG este post <3
    por mais q acha os 80s a melhor epoca de sempre, ha tanta coisa dos 90s q adoro. o hook era e continua a ser dos meus filmes preferidos, fico mesmo nostalgica. popular, freaksn geeks <3
    por mim a buffy tb!

    1. Também ligava muito mais aos 80s que aos 90s, mas há pouco tempo comecei a redescobrir as series e os filmes e comecei a ficar lentamente obcecada! Costumava ver a Buffy qd dava na sic radical, mas nunca liguei muito... Acho que vou ter de sacar e lhe dar uma nova oportunidade!

  5. Hook is great. My brother, who's 25, went as Rufio for last year's Halloween. It took him over a month to make the costume, and it was great! Did you ever watch Daria?

    1. I imagine it must have been quite happy, do you happen to have pictures online somewhere? I´m really curious!

      Is Daria a film? I´m gonna do a little research and try to get my hands on it :D

    2. Quite happy? ahah where was my mind? I meant EPIC, not happy! ahah