Sunday, 28 October 2012

Mah Burrfday!

I did promise you guys a birthday post, so here it is! It was actually such a fun day, that it had to be shared! Many of my friends were unable to come (my birthday weekend seems to be everybody else's weekend :|) but the ones that did come were enough for me to have an AMAZING NIGHT!

We met by the Rossio train station, but I look terrible in those pictures, so we shall move along. Actually, it was pretty funny cause we picked people all the way to the restaurant, some in Praça da Figueira, some in Rossio... they were scattered everywhere!

Arriving at Oh Caldas, I was entitled to free dinner because it was my burfday (YAY) but I still had to collect everybody else's money and act like a pimp.

And then the drinks started flowing!

The good thing about this restaurant, is that you pay 12 euros, but are then entitled to eat and drink like a pig. There's 3 meal courses, and you can drink as much beer or sangria as you want to. You can imagine how the night ended :P

Drink as much as you want to... Yeah...

Zee boys (some missing)

Zee galls!

The food consisted of entrants, seafood rice as a first course, some kind of brazilian rice dish with black beans as the second (neither of them very to my taste) and the last was SOO GOOD, little pieces of pork with cream sauce, mushrooms and fries! Because i´m a classy lady, you can see them all combined in a dish, here.

This is where you start to notice the alcohol 

Being as intellectual as we are, we read books...

And appreciated art:

And so the dinner proceeded. My dearest Sara Corpsie managed to make the WHOLE restaurant sing me happy birthday, and it was such a happy moment! We then sang Disney songs loudly all night long, and it was amazing!

I just love it that as the pictures progress, we look drunker and sillier! ah!

Outside, finishing the drinks we brought from the restaurant, and heading out to club noir!

No group pictures because there is always somebody missing!


Till next year!


  1. Oh, happy late birthday! :O
    Like your new layout btw ^^

    1. Thanks! I´m a newbie at this layout blog thingie, but i´m trying to improve :d

  2. ahaha adorei o post! parabens :D

  3. Ohh só vi isto agora!! lindo ahahah o clássico do livro de pernas para o ar <3

    Diverti-me muito e fico à espera de outra saída :D beijinhosss

    1. É a prova de uma noite bem passada :P

      TEMOS MESMO LARÉ, tenho pensado muito nisso, I miss you lovely!