Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A little diy - Skull tee cutout

This a quickie before bed, since it's almost 1 AM in a now very cold Portugal. I´ve been wanting to try the skull cut out Diy for ageees, but never got around to it because A - I´m lazy and B - I was afraid I was going to ruin a shirt :P The other day I found one of my brothers shirts on our garage, it was still new with tags on it, but if it was there I assume it's because they don't want it. I was also bored so I decided, IT'S NOW OR NEVER! I gathered my laptop, some scissors and a black marker, and got on it. I searched for some youtube and blog tutorials and started doing it. It was surprisingly easy! This is what you need to do:

1. - With a marker, draw your desired skull face on the back of the tee. Eyes, nose and teeth.

2 - Cut out the little pieces

VOILA, ITS DONE! Here's how mine turned out:

My pics are always a bit shite, aren't they? I need to get pro on this fashion and lifestyle blog thingie. Also, look at how my dirty my floor is! lol

And here's me wearing it!

I think the shirt was too large for it, and I´m gonna try to do it on a fitted top or tshirt, which I think will work out best. Also, the eyes are a bit too big! Must corrects on future attempts!

Hope you liked it! Kiss kiss, bang bang!

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