Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Daily outfit 5 - After yet another night out

So i had previously written a massive text (well not massive, but you know, a small text) and blogspot totally went crazy and now my work is lost. I was going on and on about how aving a blog where I post daily outfits is nice, cause it makes me try to look my best and dress up, and lady-dah-dah.

Voila. I managed to get it back:
One of the reasons that make me love writing on this blog are the daily outfits. Taking pictures of what I wore so that I can post them here laters actually gives me a reason not to be lazy and actually dress up, and put make-up on, make an effort an stuff. That's specially important now that I finished my degree and am just waiting to hear if i got to scholarship to intern in Austria or not. When I´m not working or studying, I tend to get lazy and depressed. But this time i´m actually pretty active, socializing, tidying up stuff and running general errands. Let's hope I do get out often, so that I have loads of juicy outfits to share with you guys!

 On to the actual outfit now:

Nothing fancy really.

Basic black tshirt - primark
edward scissorhands top - Bought online
Sunglasses - Feira da Ladra (2 euros, bargain!)
Petticoat style skirt - Tally wally or whatever that shop is called. I very rarely shop there so i can't recall the name
Cat shoes - Tuk
Basic black leggins, flower coat and bag - Primark

Details :

 Spiderweb ring - Halloween two years ago on Claire's
Choker that I absolutely love  H&M
Bracelet - Fair
Black ring - Found it on a toilette, lol
White extension - Chinese shop

Sorry that my nails are a mess!

I have loads of ideas of posts I want to make for the blog, alternative look books, music, books and film recommendations, youtube and bloggers spotlights... Coming soon to the bathaus!

Till then !


  1. Adorei o colar, também já encomendei um similar, estou desejosa que chegue! :D
    Gostei do blog, já estou a seguir! :)

    1. Foi uma óptima compra, também o adoro :)