Saturday, 29 September 2012

Strange dimension, aka my tumblr

It is 4 am in Portugal, and this post is well with synch with time, since i´m tired, i need to go to bed and this post is kinda silly. I was just browsing my own tumblr page, and it hit me, just how... random, my tumblr is. I´m not sure if random is the proper word, it's more like vast, filled with everything that catches my eye and relates to my tastes. Its like a walk on twilight zone, or a strange dream, or going through the stargate portal and entering a strange dimension... We have animals, and random morbid cute stuff, famous people that appeal to me for various reason (being hot, badass, producing nice music, playing amazing characters, whatevs) alternative fashion, tattoos, silly inspiration quotes, pastel colours, black and white, music... I think my tumblr is an exact reflection of my mind, a strange confusing pit filled with everything and nothing really.

So, without further ado and in case you want to check it out

Where all sorts of creatures roam free.

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