Friday, 14 September 2012


Dear all,

I´m spending a week on the algarve, the weather is amazing, and all I've been doing is eating, sleeping, playing around in the pool, and watching the worst reality series ever! HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO is amaaaaaazing, I laugh my ass off on every episode.

Anyway, my cam is upstairs on my hotel room so i'll just leave you with some pics I stole from the interwebs and I´ll do a proper post later on!

Relax and enjoy the last of your vacations before school/work starts again! I know I am!

 The pool area is really nice, with wonderful views over the fields that surround the hotel. It's not very big, but since the hotel isn't that big as well, it's more than enough. There are only like 3 or 4 couples there, mostly.

And this is the garden and the tennis court. Really nice and cosy also. I´m loving it!

Ta for now!

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