Saturday, 22 September 2012

Custom made necklaces

So, a couple of months ago I came across the incredible work of Miss AP (Andreia Proença) and was absolutely mesmerized. She designs and produces amazing custom made necklaces in acrylic. After browsing some of her pieces, I had a couple of ideas I decided had to be put into necklaces. I basically emailed her and explained her more or less what I wanted, and how i wanted it. She designed some prototypes for me which at first werent exactly to my taste, so I gave her some more pointers and she sent me new and amazing designs (I even had trouble choosing my fav!). I ordered two necklaces, which you can check out bellow:

My pseudonymous

As you can see, she's done a wonderful job and I absolutely fucking love it.

And one that expresses my deep love for post apocalyptic creatures:

Aren't they both amazingly cute? And she managed to design and produce exactly what I wanted!

I must say that I was a pretty annoying costumer, and she catered to my every demand, and in the end, they turned out perfect. The only downside were the prices (I think both necklaces were around 26 euros, postage included) but for something custom-made and as amazing as my babies were, it was money well spent. Delivery took a while, but I think she was sick and we always kept in touch. Overall, I strongly recommend her services, the necklaces are flawless and exactly want I wanted!

(Since then, I left the "Suspyria" necklace on a surface on my house, and somebody dropped it on the floor and stepped on it. I went crazy looking for it, and when I finally found half of it on the floor I literally cried, lol. But my dearest Marco, a DIY genius, has managed to fix the chain and glue the acrylic for me. I don't have it back in my possession yet, but let's keep our fingers crossed that it will return to his original splendor!)

If you want to order from her, go to:

Nobody paid me for this spotlight, and the review is 100% honest.

Over n out batties!

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