Monday, 17 September 2012

Casual Makeup (During zee holidays)

This is just a very casual makeup look I did while on holiday, to go out for dinner with zee parents. Why am I always writing zee? Must be fucking annoying, but I like it. I have a travel makeup pouch which I assembled a while ago (this is actually the first time I took it while travelling), which is really basic but has all the essentials. Here, I have white shadow (which doubles as an highlighter), mascara from KIKO (the one with the big brush, which is new and i shall show it on a haul i´ll do soon), black eyeliner, blush and lip gloss. I don't even have any foundation on. Although I love makeup, I'd say my routine is way lazy and basic. Many times, I can't be arsed to apply foundation, so I just do this. I´m trying to be less lazy and apply foundation, contour and all of that, since I have the products but am just too lazy to use them. I hope the blog helps, motivation wise. Also, I've been blah and uninspired lately, but hopefully my mood will soon pick up which hopefully will be translated in fun blogposts, full of magic, and bater, and futilities. Till then, I´ll leave you with zee pics!

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