Monday, 24 September 2012

Deadly outfit 3 - Doing prom like a classy alternative lady

WARNING: I am extremely tired! So this post might very well turn out to be shite, lol.

Last year I graduated from college. During my early 20's (i´m 26 now), I always regretted going to prom while on high school, cause I was yanno, being too goth and alternative for it all. Fortunately, I grew up and stopped caring about what people thought and actually started doing whatever crossed my mind, without a care in the world. Much could be said about this, but as mentioned before, i´m fucking knackered.

I´ll just leave you with zee pics from my graduating uni prom. It wasn't like the american movies at all, I went with a very good friend as a date, and just hung out with other friends all night. The music was terrible, but we danced anyways (we were drunk and high and couldn't care less). It lasted till 5 AM but I only wore heels for the first half hour. It was fun, strange and nice, all at the same time.

Dress - Promod
Coat - Bought at Feira da Ladra for 8 euros, OH HELL YEAH
Tights and Gradma bag- Primark
Heels - Online, ages ago
Necklace - Can't remember. Somewhere on the UK
Hair flower - Sfera

Over n out (To bed!)


  1. OMG, my first comment ever, the emotion! :P

    I KNOWWW, and it was such a bargain! I was eyeing it on androm for ages, but it was 50 euros, which was way too expensive. Then one day, on a random trip to feira da ladra, there it was and I managed to grab it for 8 euros! Best purchase ever!