Tuesday, 30 October 2012

On a 90s Crave, come and take a walk with child/teen me!

A blog with just pictures and lifestyle events can be a bit boring, I reckon. So today I´m sharing some of my tastes and interests with you. As a child of the 90s (I was born in 86, but was far too young to enjoy the glorious 80s)  I am interested in many of the fabulous (sometimes so corny, they become fabulous!) trends of the 90s. Some of the stuff I was too young to enjoy, but get to re-live now, and feel like I´m back on those glorious days.

So follow me on a journey to same of my favourite ninities trends, from films to TV series, to music and Fashionnnnn inspiration! This is the first part of this series, about film and tv, and the second part shall be posted verrrrry soooooon! On this post I mainly approach the stuff that I liked back then, so it's kind of a child/teen-like perspective, be warned!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Mah Burrfday!

I did promise you guys a birthday post, so here it is! It was actually such a fun day, that it had to be shared! Many of my friends were unable to come (my birthday weekend seems to be everybody else's weekend :|) but the ones that did come were enough for me to have an AMAZING NIGHT!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

7ºth deadly outfit, Kurosawa, and the Portuguese Cinemateca!

Hello Ghoulies!

Yesterday was a very fun day! I met up with friends on the coffee place of Portuguese cinemateca (museum of cinema) and spent all afternoon long chatting. I just love that quaint place! First of all, you know I study cinema and I´m a film lover, so no surprise I really like going to the cinemateca. The coffee shop is really quiet and cosy, also nicely decorated with loads of movie posters, and a nice terrace for when the weather's sunny. We hung out there had dinner on Mcd's, and then went back to watch Akiro Kurosawa's Kagemusha - (A Sombra do Guerreiro). I had previously never seen anything from Kurosawa, but had heard loads about his masterpieces. The film had an introduction by cinemateca's founder (Félix Ribeiro) son, which lasted for 45 mins and at first I thought was a bit boring. But the film copy the cinemateca displayed was in bad shape, with some cuts and jumps, so I the introduction really helped me understanding the story. I must say that I was sleepy and therefore didn't appreciate the film to its full potential, since it is a bit slow. But I felt it was very philosophical and beautifully shot. Though I wasn't in the best of moods yesterday and therefore couldn't really submerge myself in the film like I should have, it had an impact on me. It's a film about feelings and honor, with beautiful scenes and shots, very emotional and yet simple at the same time.

Sorry if you really can't see the outfit well in the picture, but I wanted to show you my favorite room of the cinemateca. It has fairy lights all over the ceiling, and it feels like you're under a very starry sky. Check it out you haven't yet!

Outside. I´m not gonna bother doing an outfit description, since I think the pictures aren't the best.

One of the things that I love most about the cinemateca, is that it makes me feel like i´m in some era of the past. Look at those neon lights! Have you ever seen woody allen's midnight in paris? I feel like i´m back in the 30s or 40s!

And a bonus picture. I ate a delicious chocolate muffin there, and when I finished, i discovered it was marked with an heart! <3 awwww

See that bigger dot on the picture? Enlarge it! It's most definitely a heart, and it made me smile :D

Take care, lovelies!

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Deadly outfit 6 - Feeling FrankenWennie!

Hello mah dearies!

Ootd's are one of my favourite things to blog about, I've said it before, since they encourage me to strive to look better and make myself up nicer. And I hadn't post one for quite a while, so when I was given invites to the Frankenweenie pre-première, I thought it was a wonderful opportunity to dress up and put some make-up on! As i've said before, my personality combines two deadly traits, I am a perfectionist, but I´m also very lazy. So when I can't make whatever to my standards, I  end up not doing it at all. That's why, most days, I can't be arsed to put any make-up on or anything. I fetch a pair of sunglasses from my HUGEE collection (i´ll blog about it eventually) and I´m ready to go. 

Anyway, back to the theme of the post.... I WENT TO SEE FRANKENWEENIE! I got a double invitation and I decided it was a perfect excuse to go out with my dear friend Marco, which I hadn't seen in ages. Plus, I simply adore Tim Burton, though I have been quite disappointed with his films lately (alice and dark shadows were quite mediocre, not to say yucky). They are always beautiful to look at, but I felt Tim Burton had been short of directing a good film since Sweeney Todd (WHICH IS COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY AWESOME). Well, FrankenWeenie was a really good surprise, I loved it! One of the things I love more than anything about Burton's films, is the mood of the film, and what they make me feel. Most of his good films just make my heart fly, and they leave me feeling happy yet slightly melancholic, trapped between the realm of dreams and reality. Frankenweenie did just that. And being the dog lover than I am, I got quite emotional over some scenes and shed some tears. I loved the references to some of Tim Burton's older movies, some classical horror characters and actors (Frankenweenie's science teacher is Vincent Price, Y'all!) and I just loved the mood of the film. Studying film in college, I am a bit of a Tim Burton expert, since I did many papers about him and his films, and I feel that this film relates to Tim Burton's childhood very intrinsically. And maybe that's why it's so beautiful, because Victor is a self-biographical (i just made up this word in english, I think) character, and the feeling of solitude and of being strange and different in little suburbia that Tim himself felt, shines through his character. 

Here's my outfit!

Aint it craaazy? I join patterns like a madwoman, but I don't care! Trend setters always start out being crazy people, ahah. No, in all honesty, I thought that the monochrome hearts and leo print went nicely together, and I must say I felt quite beautiful that day. And my fashion seeks to please only myself, so i'd say success!

Black and white hearts knit jumper - Zara
Skirt - Primark
Custom made suspyria necklace
Bracelet from primark

Over and outttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A little diy - Skull tee cutout

This a quickie before bed, since it's almost 1 AM in a now very cold Portugal. I´ve been wanting to try the skull cut out Diy for ageees, but never got around to it because A - I´m lazy and B - I was afraid I was going to ruin a shirt :P The other day I found one of my brothers shirts on our garage, it was still new with tags on it, but if it was there I assume it's because they don't want it. I was also bored so I decided, IT'S NOW OR NEVER! I gathered my laptop, some scissors and a black marker, and got on it. I searched for some youtube and blog tutorials and started doing it. It was surprisingly easy! This is what you need to do:

1. - With a marker, draw your desired skull face on the back of the tee. Eyes, nose and teeth.

2 - Cut out the little pieces

VOILA, ITS DONE! Here's how mine turned out:

My pics are always a bit shite, aren't they? I need to get pro on this fashion and lifestyle blog thingie. Also, look at how my dirty my floor is! lol

And here's me wearing it!

I think the shirt was too large for it, and I´m gonna try to do it on a fitted top or tshirt, which I think will work out best. Also, the eyes are a bit too big! Must corrects on future attempts!

Hope you liked it! Kiss kiss, bang bang!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Spotlight - Os filhos de Lumiére

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven't been posting a lot lately, I've been really lazy, so no dress up or makeup = no pics. I did however make a beautiful DIY shirt I´m going to post here soon. It's one of those with the back cut to resemble the shape of a skull and I actually think it turned out pretty well :)

Today I´m going to talk a bit about "Os Filhos de Lumiére", they are a non-profit cultural association devoted to sensitize young children to the language of cinema. I actually interned there this year, and had a great experience. They develop film workshops in schools across the country, where they give the children the basis of what a film consists of, how the analyse the several different elements that compose a film, what a shot is, etc. Then the kids get to write, act and film a short. Their approach is really interesting because they allow the children to experience film in a very practical "hands on" manner, since they play the roles of an actual film crew, with a director, a director's assistant, actors, sound and film crew etc. They manipulate all the materials themselves and they are the one's calling the shots, oriented by the film professionals.

The films they shot this year are already online, and i´m dead proud of them. I helped produce and worked in two of them directly, while I mostly did background work on the others. I´ll leave you the links down below so you can check them out if you like this sort of thing. I believe it is really interesting to see the world through a child eyes, and this is an opportunity to do just so. Keep in mind that this is mostly their work, so do not expect a Hollywood quality film. In case you are curious to find out more about "Os filhos de Lumiére", head on to http://osfilhosdelumiere.blogspot.pt/

To check the shorts out, http://osfilhosdelumiere.blogspot.pt/2012/08/cinema-cem-anos-de-juventude-2011-2012.html

These are the ones I worked for more directly:


Also, in a side-note, I recently saw "Silvestre", from João César Monteiro and "Entre Tinieblas", from Almodovar, and recommend them bout thoroughly. Give alternative cinema a chance, if you havent done so yet! Cesar Monteiro's film is a fairytale, based on portuguese legends, done very beautifully and melancholic like (the photography is amazing!). It is actually Maria de Medeiro's first role in a film! Almodovar's film is a reflection upon the last years of the movida madrileña (a spanish art movement) and it is really weird and interesting. Check them out!

Over and out creatures of the nighttttttttttt!


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Novo "Óleo Extraordinário L’Oréal Paris Elvive" - Review

Hey Y'all!

I usually don't write in portuguese, cause I feel that the blog should be accessible to all, and as they say,  "english is the language of the world". I hate when I come across a blog that seems really interesting, with pictures that really catch my attention, and yet I cannot understand a single word.  Plus, writing in  english means that I keep practising it, and therefore don't forget it. I feel that nowadays, mostly everybody knows a bit of english, so not only portuguese people can read it, but also people from around the world. My review today will be mostly written on portuguese, because i've been given a sample of a product to try, and I feel the review is meant for the portuguese market. I don't even know if this product is available on other countries...? Anyways, in case you're curious, leave a comment and i´ll tell you a bit about it!

Olá a tod@s!

É estranho estar a escrever em português neste blog :P Há uns tempos atrás, e depois de ver muitas meninas no facebook a receberem chocolates milka para experimentar gratuitamente, resolvi inscrever-me na Trnd. Para as curiosas, é uma comunidade online de marketing participativo que dá aos seus utilizadores a possibilidade de experimentarem produtos e partilharem as suas opiniões, recebendo samples das marcas de forma gratuita. É uma óptima maneira de experimentarem e ficarem a conhecer produtos novos, e a minha experiência lá até agora tem sido muito positiva! Se estiverem interessadas em inscrever-se cliquem aqui, decerto que não se arrependerão!

Recebi então da Trnd, um pack de iniciação do óleo extraordinário L'oréal Paris Elvive, composto por um frasco de 100 mls de produto, e 10 vales de desconto de 2 euros.

Dumb picture, but whatever.

Sobre o produto

-  Promete ter uma fórmula leve, rica e não gordurosa, para nutrir, hidratar e sublimar profundamente o cabelo. 

 - Contêm extractos de 6 flores preciosas, cada um potenciando uma função diferente: Hidratação, brilho, suavidade, etc.

 - Pode ser utilizado de várias formas:

- A qualquer momento, com o cabelo seco, para o suavizar, abrilhantar e nutrir
- Antes do champô: sobre os comprimentos e pontas, para nutrir intensamente;
- Antes de pentear: para um cabelo sedoso e protegido do ressequimento 
- Como toque final do pentear: para sublimar o cabelo e dar-lhe um toque luminoso.
- Como forma de nutrir e hidratar intensamente o cabelo, envolvendo com uma toalha quente e húmida durante 30 minutos e lavando depois com água fria

  Impressões gerais

A nível da aparência em si e do marketing do produto:

- A estética do produto tende a lembrar um "lingote" de ouro, sendo o frasco dourado, bem como o aplicador e o seu conteúdo, metaforicamente passando a ideia que o produto é "precioso"
- O frasco é de vidro, o que apesar de dar um aspecto caro e high end e talvez ajude a conservar as propriedades intrínsecas do produto,  não é muito prático porque é pesado e pode partir facilmente.
Uma observação pessoal e que não afecta em nada o produto em si, é que o marketing verbal me parece demasiado pesado. Palavras como "Extraordinário, óleos preciosos, vitalidade prodigiosa etc" parecem-me demasiado exageradas e como se a marca estivesse a fazer um grande esforço para vender o produto, embora se correlacionem com a tal metáfora do ouro.

A nível do produto em si:

- A primeira coisa em que reparei foi o cheiro, que é absolutamente delicioso. Podia durar mais no cabelo, mas quando o aplicamos temos um momento herbal essences, lol
 - Costumo detestar produtos oleosos, porque deixam o cabelo gorduroso e baço, e não gosto da textura do óleo na mão. Este óleo tem a particularidade de se disseminar muito bem no cabelo, e ser absorvido rapidamente, não deixando portanto resíduos
- Mas o que me fez render e cair "head over heels" por este produto, foi o efeito quase imediato que teve no meu cabelo. Devido ás descolorações, pinturas, comprimentos, etc, costumo ter o cabelo embaraçadíssimo, mesmo tipo palha de aço, que dói imenso a escovar. Num dos dias que cheguei a casa com o cabelo assim, resolvi experimentar o óleo e passados uns minutos penteei-me. A mudança foi do dia para a noite! O meu cabelo estava muito mais solto e macio, e custou muito pouco a pentear. Digo-vos sinceramente que nunca acreditei muito em produtos de beleza milagrosos, mas este óleo teve resultados impressionantes no meu cabelo. E não estou a dizer isto só porque o recebi de borla ou whatever, até porque não tinha a obrigação de postar aqui o que quer que fosse. A verdade é que o produto é mesmo bom, e eu fiquei realmente impressionada!
 - Para além de suavizar, também senti que hidratou e alisou o meu cabelo. A minha amiga Sara até perguntou se o tinha esticado!
- O preço de mercado do produto nas grandes superfícies comerciais é de cerca de 14 euros, o que eu acredito que seja puxado para a maioria das bolsas. Mas realmente o frasco traz uma quantidade bastante razoável, e o óleo cumpre realmente aquilo que promete!

Como ainda tenho alguns vales de desconto que guardei especialmente para as leitoras do blog, se estiverem interessadas em receber um por favor deixem um comentário com o vosso email, e posso entregar-vos em mão nas zonas de sintra e lisboa!  
Espero que tenham gostado da review, que acho que foi até pormenorizada de mais, e que tenham paciência para ler tudo até ao final :P

Até breve, beijinhos e abraços!!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Birthday haul!

Hello my dear ghouls and ghoulies, how are you?

Melon facebooked my post and brought some new readers my way, I was so happy about that :D I´m really tired and uninspired today, so I decided to show you some of the stuff I got for my bday in order to cheer up! It's not everything, because I forgot to take pictures of some stuff, but it's most of it. My friends surprised with some sweet gifts and I will share some piccies of my bday dinner eventually, and tell you more about it. Fow now, I'll leave you with the hurl!

Andre is so sweet, he painted that picture for me! He loves anime and stuff and and though it's not my kind of thing, I loved it that he took the time and effort to surprise me! <3 Eduardo gave me the first volume of game of thrones, WHICH I'VE BEEN WANTING FOR AGEEES! Such a happy moment! Fernando gave me a book which supposedly deals with a pagan woman that is forced to convert to Christianism or smtg (he knows the mists of avalon are my all time favourite book, and this seems kinda similar) :D

My parents gave me the white shoes, and I bought everything else myself with birthday money from my Grandpa

More stuff I bought for myself. That incense is absolutely delightful! I´m wearing the nail varnish right now (its so halloweeny!) and the doughnut just made my hair dreams come true!

Dress and bag from primark sale

My first batch of MAC Makeup, oh happiness! I bought it cheaper from a girl online and made wonderful deals. Also, some stuff from KIKO

Swatches of the lipstick, eyeliner and Mac Shadestick

Two mac special editions pallets! Just look at those beautiful shades and cases! I´m in love!

See you soon my litte batlings!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Alternative Corner - Vlogger spotlight feat Melon Lady

Hey Y'all!

So as mentioned before, I decided to start sharing with you some of the people on the interwebz that entertain me and make life more interesting. Vlogging is one of the things that I spend most of my time on, when I´m online. It's much more dynamic than reading a blog, since you can actually see and hear what the person is talking about and therefore connect with it much more. Plus, it's really open since you get a bit of everything, tutorials, daily life, hauls, reviews... I personally think it's a window to other countries (I just love when bloggers film their surroundings, the concerts they go to, places around their towns...). For example, right now tons of american vloggers are posting Halloween related stuff, tours of their decorated houses, of the stuff the shops are selling, of their costumes, etc. Loving all things strange and macabre (mvahaha) of course I´m toatz into halloween, I just love the feeling and mood (goth xmas, anyone?) and since we don't have much of that in Portugal, vlogs are wonderful opportunity to see what they get up to in America.

Anyhow, on to the topic of this post. The first youtube person I decided to share with you is Melon Lady. I don't even know how I came across her channel, but I think the beautiful lavender hair might have pulled me into its vortex. Her channel, slowly but steadily became one of my favourites on youtube.

She is just a very open and dynamic person, and the way she vlogs is so natural that you cannot avoid loving watching her vlogs. She posts about everything and nothing really, and her channel is a mix between beauty guru and daily vlogger. You can catch a vlog of her going to a concert or festival, a tutorial about how to dye your hair or a day in the life of, all spiced up with her beautiful pomeranian Jetson and her cute boyfriend Ben. Her style is also very unique, and I find it very inspirational.
Another thing I really like about her, it's the way she embraces her body. She is a curvy girl (I think her body is amazing) and she's not afraid to show it on youtube, although she always receives a fair share of criticism from morons who think they are the shit just because they can call people names behind the safety of their computers and anonymous user-names. I remember a video she put up showing of the bikinis she had bought, which had like a warning in the description: "Don't watch if you're bothered by curvy girls". Not only are we not bothered, we love watching your vids Melon! Definitely one of my favourite youtubers!  

Go on and subscribe to her, http://www.youtube.com/user/snakebitesparkles/videos?view=0

She also has a Tumblr, http://melonlady.tumblr.com/

Over and out!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Daily outfit 5 - After yet another night out

So i had previously written a massive text (well not massive, but you know, a small text) and blogspot totally went crazy and now my work is lost. I was going on and on about how aving a blog where I post daily outfits is nice, cause it makes me try to look my best and dress up, and lady-dah-dah.

Voila. I managed to get it back:
One of the reasons that make me love writing on this blog are the daily outfits. Taking pictures of what I wore so that I can post them here laters actually gives me a reason not to be lazy and actually dress up, and put make-up on, make an effort an stuff. That's specially important now that I finished my degree and am just waiting to hear if i got to scholarship to intern in Austria or not. When I´m not working or studying, I tend to get lazy and depressed. But this time i´m actually pretty active, socializing, tidying up stuff and running general errands. Let's hope I do get out often, so that I have loads of juicy outfits to share with you guys!

 On to the actual outfit now:

Nothing fancy really.

Basic black tshirt - primark
edward scissorhands top - Bought online
Sunglasses - Feira da Ladra (2 euros, bargain!)
Petticoat style skirt - Tally wally or whatever that shop is called. I very rarely shop there so i can't recall the name
Cat shoes - Tuk
Basic black leggins, flower coat and bag - Primark

Details :

 Spiderweb ring - Halloween two years ago on Claire's
Choker that I absolutely love  H&M
Bracelet - Fair
Black ring - Found it on a toilette, lol
White extension - Chinese shop

Sorry that my nails are a mess!

I have loads of ideas of posts I want to make for the blog, alternative look books, music, books and film recommendations, youtube and bloggers spotlights... Coming soon to the bathaus!

Till then !