Monday, 8 October 2012

Birthday haul!

Hello my dear ghouls and ghoulies, how are you?

Melon facebooked my post and brought some new readers my way, I was so happy about that :D I´m really tired and uninspired today, so I decided to show you some of the stuff I got for my bday in order to cheer up! It's not everything, because I forgot to take pictures of some stuff, but it's most of it. My friends surprised with some sweet gifts and I will share some piccies of my bday dinner eventually, and tell you more about it. Fow now, I'll leave you with the hurl!

Andre is so sweet, he painted that picture for me! He loves anime and stuff and and though it's not my kind of thing, I loved it that he took the time and effort to surprise me! <3 Eduardo gave me the first volume of game of thrones, WHICH I'VE BEEN WANTING FOR AGEEES! Such a happy moment! Fernando gave me a book which supposedly deals with a pagan woman that is forced to convert to Christianism or smtg (he knows the mists of avalon are my all time favourite book, and this seems kinda similar) :D

My parents gave me the white shoes, and I bought everything else myself with birthday money from my Grandpa

More stuff I bought for myself. That incense is absolutely delightful! I´m wearing the nail varnish right now (its so halloweeny!) and the doughnut just made my hair dreams come true!

Dress and bag from primark sale

My first batch of MAC Makeup, oh happiness! I bought it cheaper from a girl online and made wonderful deals. Also, some stuff from KIKO

Swatches of the lipstick, eyeliner and Mac Shadestick

Two mac special editions pallets! Just look at those beautiful shades and cases! I´m in love!

See you soon my litte batlings!


  1. I have the same Primark necklace and i love it! Totally cool :P

    (oh and you should take the captcha thingie off in the comment section. sometimes it's really hard to get it right and other times, blogger just freaks :x)

    1. Me too! I thought it was a bit expensive (by primark standarts, lol) but it was so cute I couldn't pass it!

      I´ll try to take the captcha thing off, It's just that i´m a newbie and don't really know how to do anything here! I also want to moderate the comments, but am yet to find out how to do that!

  2. Tanta coisa fixe!!! :)