Monday, 15 October 2012

Spotlight - Os filhos de Lumiére

Hey guys!

Sorry I haven't been posting a lot lately, I've been really lazy, so no dress up or makeup = no pics. I did however make a beautiful DIY shirt I´m going to post here soon. It's one of those with the back cut to resemble the shape of a skull and I actually think it turned out pretty well :)

Today I´m going to talk a bit about "Os Filhos de Lumiére", they are a non-profit cultural association devoted to sensitize young children to the language of cinema. I actually interned there this year, and had a great experience. They develop film workshops in schools across the country, where they give the children the basis of what a film consists of, how the analyse the several different elements that compose a film, what a shot is, etc. Then the kids get to write, act and film a short. Their approach is really interesting because they allow the children to experience film in a very practical "hands on" manner, since they play the roles of an actual film crew, with a director, a director's assistant, actors, sound and film crew etc. They manipulate all the materials themselves and they are the one's calling the shots, oriented by the film professionals.

The films they shot this year are already online, and i´m dead proud of them. I helped produce and worked in two of them directly, while I mostly did background work on the others. I´ll leave you the links down below so you can check them out if you like this sort of thing. I believe it is really interesting to see the world through a child eyes, and this is an opportunity to do just so. Keep in mind that this is mostly their work, so do not expect a Hollywood quality film. In case you are curious to find out more about "Os filhos de Lumiére", head on to

To check the shorts out,

These are the ones I worked for more directly:

Also, in a side-note, I recently saw "Silvestre", from João César Monteiro and "Entre Tinieblas", from Almodovar, and recommend them bout thoroughly. Give alternative cinema a chance, if you havent done so yet! Cesar Monteiro's film is a fairytale, based on portuguese legends, done very beautifully and melancholic like (the photography is amazing!). It is actually Maria de Medeiro's first role in a film! Almodovar's film is a reflection upon the last years of the movida madrileña (a spanish art movement) and it is really weird and interesting. Check them out!

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