Saturday, 29 September 2012

Strange dimension, aka my tumblr

It is 4 am in Portugal, and this post is well with synch with time, since i´m tired, i need to go to bed and this post is kinda silly. I was just browsing my own tumblr page, and it hit me, just how... random, my tumblr is. I´m not sure if random is the proper word, it's more like vast, filled with everything that catches my eye and relates to my tastes. Its like a walk on twilight zone, or a strange dream, or going through the stargate portal and entering a strange dimension... We have animals, and random morbid cute stuff, famous people that appeal to me for various reason (being hot, badass, producing nice music, playing amazing characters, whatevs) alternative fashion, tattoos, silly inspiration quotes, pastel colours, black and white, music... I think my tumblr is an exact reflection of my mind, a strange confusing pit filled with everything and nothing really.

So, without further ado and in case you want to check it out

Where all sorts of creatures roam free.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Deadly outfit 3 - Doing prom like a classy alternative lady

WARNING: I am extremely tired! So this post might very well turn out to be shite, lol.

Last year I graduated from college. During my early 20's (i´m 26 now), I always regretted going to prom while on high school, cause I was yanno, being too goth and alternative for it all. Fortunately, I grew up and stopped caring about what people thought and actually started doing whatever crossed my mind, without a care in the world. Much could be said about this, but as mentioned before, i´m fucking knackered.

I´ll just leave you with zee pics from my graduating uni prom. It wasn't like the american movies at all, I went with a very good friend as a date, and just hung out with other friends all night. The music was terrible, but we danced anyways (we were drunk and high and couldn't care less). It lasted till 5 AM but I only wore heels for the first half hour. It was fun, strange and nice, all at the same time.

Dress - Promod
Coat - Bought at Feira da Ladra for 8 euros, OH HELL YEAH
Tights and Gradma bag- Primark
Heels - Online, ages ago
Necklace - Can't remember. Somewhere on the UK
Hair flower - Sfera

Over n out (To bed!)

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Custom made necklaces

So, a couple of months ago I came across the incredible work of Miss AP (Andreia Proença) and was absolutely mesmerized. She designs and produces amazing custom made necklaces in acrylic. After browsing some of her pieces, I had a couple of ideas I decided had to be put into necklaces. I basically emailed her and explained her more or less what I wanted, and how i wanted it. She designed some prototypes for me which at first werent exactly to my taste, so I gave her some more pointers and she sent me new and amazing designs (I even had trouble choosing my fav!). I ordered two necklaces, which you can check out bellow:

My pseudonymous

As you can see, she's done a wonderful job and I absolutely fucking love it.

And one that expresses my deep love for post apocalyptic creatures:

Aren't they both amazingly cute? And she managed to design and produce exactly what I wanted!

I must say that I was a pretty annoying costumer, and she catered to my every demand, and in the end, they turned out perfect. The only downside were the prices (I think both necklaces were around 26 euros, postage included) but for something custom-made and as amazing as my babies were, it was money well spent. Delivery took a while, but I think she was sick and we always kept in touch. Overall, I strongly recommend her services, the necklaces are flawless and exactly want I wanted!

(Since then, I left the "Suspyria" necklace on a surface on my house, and somebody dropped it on the floor and stepped on it. I went crazy looking for it, and when I finally found half of it on the floor I literally cried, lol. But my dearest Marco, a DIY genius, has managed to fix the chain and glue the acrylic for me. I don't have it back in my possession yet, but let's keep our fingers crossed that it will return to his original splendor!)

If you want to order from her, go to:

Nobody paid me for this spotlight, and the review is 100% honest.

Over n out batties!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Deadly outfit nº2 - Out for coffee in Sintra

This is a more put together outfit from tuesday, when I went out for coffee with a friend in Sintra. The dress is new (and fucking beautiful, I might add) so I wanted to try it! The glasses are also new and amazing, they make me feel like a crazy scientist or something! I quite liked the result, what do you guys think? By the way, if you ever come to Sintra be sure to stop at the Café da Natália in São Pedro, they have the best cake ever! 

Dress - Hell Bunny, bought on Ekstra on sale (Oporto)
Glasses - Market (In Algarve)
Rose hair clip - Sfera (in Madrid)
Bag - Primark
Shoes - Demonia (charity shop in Camden, Uk)
Necklace - Internet

Such an international outfit, now that i think about it! ahaha

Over and out ghouls and gals!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Casual Makeup (During zee holidays)

This is just a very casual makeup look I did while on holiday, to go out for dinner with zee parents. Why am I always writing zee? Must be fucking annoying, but I like it. I have a travel makeup pouch which I assembled a while ago (this is actually the first time I took it while travelling), which is really basic but has all the essentials. Here, I have white shadow (which doubles as an highlighter), mascara from KIKO (the one with the big brush, which is new and i shall show it on a haul i´ll do soon), black eyeliner, blush and lip gloss. I don't even have any foundation on. Although I love makeup, I'd say my routine is way lazy and basic. Many times, I can't be arsed to apply foundation, so I just do this. I´m trying to be less lazy and apply foundation, contour and all of that, since I have the products but am just too lazy to use them. I hope the blog helps, motivation wise. Also, I've been blah and uninspired lately, but hopefully my mood will soon pick up which hopefully will be translated in fun blogposts, full of magic, and bater, and futilities. Till then, I´ll leave you with zee pics!

Friday, 14 September 2012


Dear all,

I´m spending a week on the algarve, the weather is amazing, and all I've been doing is eating, sleeping, playing around in the pool, and watching the worst reality series ever! HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO is amaaaaaazing, I laugh my ass off on every episode.

Anyway, my cam is upstairs on my hotel room so i'll just leave you with some pics I stole from the interwebs and I´ll do a proper post later on!

Relax and enjoy the last of your vacations before school/work starts again! I know I am!

 The pool area is really nice, with wonderful views over the fields that surround the hotel. It's not very big, but since the hotel isn't that big as well, it's more than enough. There are only like 3 or 4 couples there, mostly.

And this is the garden and the tennis court. Really nice and cosy also. I´m loving it!

Ta for now!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Deadly Outfit nº1 - ohhh, the emotion!

Cat Shoes - TUK (via Ebay)
Skirt - Clockhouse
Naturally ripped leggings (meaning, they got ripped on their own, i didn't poke the holes on purpose, but I still love them and wear them proudly) - Clockhouse
Bag - Primany
Heart shaped glasses - primany yet again
Black tee - Guess what? PRIMAAAANY
Bat Necklace - Small alternative shop on facebook, can't remember the name of the brand

Let's face it, it's not the most flattering picture facial wise, but it will have to do! I must point that this picture was taken after a night out, and I had already slept in these clothes (since I slept at friend's house), and I think I still look pretty decent! I was only meant to have dinner with a friend and then head to her house, so this was kind of a relaxed/casual outfit, but we ended up having ganas to dance, and decided to go to clubnoir and later catch the last boat to Barreiro. But Yggdrasil and Seratonin were djing some sweet tunes (graveyardy sessions type of music), and we ended up inviting another friend, getting really drunk and dancing till it closed at 6! It was a great night and I got to see some people that I hadn't seen in ages. Must repeat!

Over n out!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

First ressurection!

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, finally, my first blog post! I´ve been thinking about creating a blog for ages, but always found it really hard to share my life so openely. I've had a livejournal for years (almost ten years actually!) but it is friends only, so I can more or less control who accesses it. Having an open blog, where anybody can come and have a peek at your life without you knowing is a bit scary! But I love reading other people's blogs and watching vlogs, thwy are a great inspiration! Plus, I love fashion, so I thought it was only fair that I started my own. And I think its gonna be a really fun experience! I hope to share with you guys daily outfits and posts about my life, music, films, fashion, makeup, tips, tutorials, my opinions on different subjects, you name it! And since I live life on the alternative side of things, having a *peculiar* taste in fashion, film, music and most of things really, maybe it will be interesting to share it with you guys. This little baby bat is born here, let's see where time and effort takes it!