Saturday, 3 November 2012

Zombieween Gallore!

Hey guyses

I´m in the algarve right now, on my hotel's balcony, posting through somebody's zon wi-fi :D It's raining hard, but it isn't cold and I love this kind of weather. It makes me feel all melancholic and shit, it's awesome. Today I bring you the long-awaited (is it? at least for me, it is exciting!!) HALLOWEEN POST, mvahahah!

Follow me and a group of friends tthrough or Halloween musings and preparations, getting ready for our night of mayhem! From costumes, to makeup, to some piccies of the night out (sadly not many, since the camera died as we soon as we got to the club!)

 I just discovered a really good online picture editing website, so I might or might not have been carried away by it :P

So here's the recipe to an awesome night out:

Step 1 - Add some good friends, and booze (the cheaper the better) and head for your university disabled toilette. If you have an out of order sign, great, if not just lock the door. In this case we used red wine mixed with seven up, as well as Rum. Make sure to take some good riot grrl fuck off shots in the toilette.

Step 2 - Take a really cute "before" shot with your friends. Awww, we look so cute you guys!

Step 3 - Make one of your friends be in camera duty, and get into your costume BEFORE you start applying the makeup (you don't want your costume to be covered with blood and other nasty shit!). Don't forget, keep drinking.

Step 4 - Take some "in between" shots, to show the work in progress. In this case I stole Sara's crown, therefore I look like I´m about to become "The black swan", but i´m not! Act evil, you're a goth/metalhead after all!

Step 5 - Now we're getting somewhere! Doesn't Sara look absolutely zombilicious??  All gory and beautiful!! Start helping your mail companions getting ready (girls take a lot longer, so they should always get ready first!)

Step 6 - The finished product. Take some shots IMMEDIATELY after you're ready, before you start scratching your nose and messing up your make-up! Here we have the perfect zombie couple, prom king and queen respectively and somebody shot in the head (I was trying to embody the essence of an actress from decades past, but not sure if I was that sucessful!)

Step 7 - Add another friend to the mixture, just to make things extra fun! Extra points if he is also in costume, and looks really cool! In this case, we added Peters as a Zombie accountant/president of the united states/whoever you want that wears a suit and as turned zombie.

Step 8 - You're almost there! Walk to the club (preferentially, you save on metro tickets and also save yourself some lame ass jokes and stupid looks from party-poopers). Make sure to take some fabulous group shots along the way!

Step 9 - That's it, congratulations! Arrive in the club and take some more pictures. Be sure to be cleverer than me, and bring a camera that is actually charged, so you have more than two! Drink some more, dance loads and have an amazing time!

We actually went to Metropolis, and the music was quite lamerameee! It was supposed to be a generalist night, but it was puntz untz ontz all night long! Now, I like me some industrial and stuff, but I like variety! They were more into metal and i´m into goth rock, coldwave, post punk, deathrock and so, and after a while we were sick of the music. So we went out, bought some cake and talked about series and films till the metro opened, it was SUCH A FUN NIGHT!!

And I was blessed with two halloween miracles, LOL! I lost my pelt on my way to the University, but manage to go back and retrieve it! Some hours and litters of booze later, I left my hat on the club, but went back for it and managed to find it under a bench! LUCKY TIMEZ!!!

Hope you enjoyed this post, I had fun writing it! 

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