Friday, 23 November 2012

Deadly outfit 9 - Ressurecting old boots!

Hey peepzies!

Today I bring you just an outfit, nothing major. A while ago, I decided to resurrect some DANGEROUS boots I have, by demonia, with HIGH platforms. I used to wear them loads before, but managed to almost kill myself wearing them once. I was on my way to descend the stairs of the São Sebastião metro, when I lost balance and almost fell through the whole flight of stairs. I kid you not, it is a BIG staircase and I saw life flashing before my eyes. That's when I decided to put them aside for a while, cause sure, they are wonderful and I love them, but sure as hell not worth risking my life for. Almost 2 years later, I found them buried deep in my closet and tried them on. They gave me an instant self-esteem boost! I felt really good in them, comfortable, tall and beautiful (for those who don't know, I think tall girls curvy girl are the sexiest thing ever, and I wish I was tall!). So I used them, cautiously, on an outing to Sintra. All went moderately well, and I only feel off balance a couple of times. Feeling ever so brave, I decided to wear them to uni today, since I had a car ride and all, and wasn't even supposed to go on public transportation. Now, today was stressful, with many things to do and emotions, but I shall not talk about that. I had to rush back and forth in them, and I even walked on muddy grass, and although I was a bit wobbly, all went well. The day went along, and I felt triumphal. Was I going to conquer zee tall boots? When I was walking with some friends on the way to meet my ride, emotionally talking about politics and Portuguese street protests, I feel off balance. It was only for a second, but I knew I was going down. I managed to hold on to one of my friends shoulders, and didn't fell, but somehow twisted the boot and completely tore the thing apart. I can't even explain. The sole was almost falling, crooked, and it looked ridiculous. Now everybody looks at those boots as is (because they are so tall and in your face) can you imagine the looks I got, as I limped across Lisbon, with a 10 cm platform almost falling from my boot? I´m ever so graceful. Fortunately, I think I can glue them and fix them, but I think i might need to take a cane when I´m out wearing them. THE BOOTS SHALL BE BACK!

Complete useless and random rant aside, here's the outfit, before it all happened!

 I´m not sure you can see how high they are, but they make me like 10/15 cms taller!

With yee old and faithful coat:

I looked like this o.O on the photo, so I decided to give myself a pair of pimp shades and look like a badass mofo

Outfit rundown:

Collar - Online trade
Blouse - 0,50 cents on feira da ladra
Boots - Demonia (second hand)

Hope you enjoyed my tragic goth tale and outfit! ahah

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  1. LOVE the boots on you huns...!
    I knew heels look amazing on you. <3