Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Inspirational picture post - Inside the mad vortex

So, I have loads of juicy posts lined up for the blog:

- The continuation of the "On a 90s Crave series"
- A look-book with different yet still alternative looks, work, going out, classy, casual, etc
- An haul, with loads of thrifted things I happened to come upon on a second hand shop in my Algarve trip
- More vlogger (and also blogger) spotlights
- Interviews with alt models, artists and so
- Closet tour and some of my collectionzzzz
- Whatever else my twisted mind can think of :P

I felt like posting today, but nothing too fancy, so I'll leave you with some pictures that have been inspiring me lately, hope you like them and that they inspire you too! Nature, random people, beautiful landscapes, personal styles, animals, fairies... They're from all over, facebook, tumblr, google, not mine!! For more inspirational images, head out for my tumblr!

I just love this last one, and think it would make a great tattoo!

Have a good week, dearies!

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