Thursday, 8 November 2012

Deadly oufit 8 - A dog and a German class

Hey my lovelies!

Yesterday was a rather nice day (a day for a glorious weeeeedding - ahaha this song IMMEDIATELY popped to my head!! Corpse bride gallore!). I woke up late, barely had time to get dressed and put makeup on (only did my eyes) and headed to the yee old capital, to have my very first german class at the cinemateca (told you i was mad about that place!). My father gave me a ride, since he was going to the hospital, and while he went to his appointment, I stayed in the car and pestered one of my dogs with pictures (Did I ever tell you about my personal zoo? Five dogs, one cat, a fish, a turtle, and seven birds, lol) as follows:

He doesn't seem too pleased about it

But I pet him and suddently he's all happy again:P

Preshy preshy, as bunny would say!

Then, it was time to head out for class, lol. I met with some friends, one of whom was to be the professor and we started the shenanigans. It was actually really helpful, and I learnt a great deal of useful stuff in just one class! I´m looking forward for the next one!

Did I tell you I´m about to head out for austria for 6 months? Yours truly has earnt a scholarship to intern in the filmarchiv Austria ( weee) and I´m moving there on January (so expect lots of confused portuguese girl in Vienna posts, starting in January!)

And now for the outfit itself:

My face, nothing fancy. No foundation or anything, I only did my eyes and dabbed a bit of lipgloss on my lips!

Horrible face, so you get a nice little bat instead ;)
Coat on (that coat has lived with me for 11 years, I bought it when I was 15 for my uncle's wedding. IT STILL LIVES AND IS A FAITHFUL COMPANION!)

Coat off (can you tell I love my hearts knit jumper?)

Hat - Thrifted for, listen carefully, 35 CENTS! (It was 3 for one euro on hats!)
Jumper - Bought online, originally from Zara
Petticoat - Tally wally or wtv that fucking shop is called
Necklace - Street Market on Algarve
Boots - Second hand shop for two euros

(So happy with my thrifty buys, I shall haul them here soon!)

Over and out :D