Monday, 19 November 2012

Bits and bobs

This is a lazy post, where I kinda just show you random bits and pieces of my life lately (which hasn't been that exciting at all :P). Come and have a wander!

This blog needs more pictures of my dogs!!

Such a clean and tidy desk, ain't?

SHE WEARING A SWEATER, AWWW! She's a tiny tiny chihuahua, and she gets really cold, so we had to buy her something to keep her warm and make her gay-er. We have a strict only gay dogs policy in this house, so we have 2 chihuahuas, 2 yorkies and a Yorchi! ahaha

My staple cats shoes

Cosy lay in, on facebook and youtube

Sunset in Bairro Alto

Late afternoon in Feira da Ladra (amazing Lisbon flea market)

My german class notebook, decorated with stickers from 2 days eating bolicaos with Marco! (I think I had about 5, and he had about 15! lol)

And another german class! This time we decided to make it in proper style, and totally occupied one of my University rooms!

Boring life, sed life!

Over and outttttttttt!


  1. Os cães são qq coisa! Tão fofiiiinhos!

  2. Tão giros, os cãezinhos!! :)