Saturday, 8 December 2012

New in (small haul - clothes, makeup, acessories)

Hey ghoulies!

I've got a series of delayed posts that I need to do. I've been quite active lately, and would like to share some bits and bobs with you! First, some of the purchases I've been doing lately. They're mostly trades and stuff, since I've been as poor as a... I dunno, as poor as ever! Still, I really enjoy getting my hands on some new goodies, so I´m quite active in the trade world. Let's check zee new goodies out!

- Ysl radiance foundation
- Chanel Lipliner
- Big spikes (kinda like bullets) collar

Beautiful brooch necklace

 My new BEAUTIFUL ranger 302 <3

New Skirt

 - Burjouis Bronzer
- Beutiful light lipstick, on a purply plum colour, by body shop (IT SMELLS AMAZING!)
- Two little sample pots, one contains a gorgeous golden pigment from MAC, and another a YSL iluminator 

I feel like there's more, but sometimes I just forget to take pictures of stuff, so yeah. There you have it, my new fabulous purchases! 

See you soon!

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