Saturday, 8 December 2012

Day in the life of - Animals, outfit, Sintra and books!

Hey dearies,

So the other day, I decided it would be really fun to take some pictures of the stuff I get around to, during the day, and post them here to show you guys. I only took pictures of the more interesting and nice bits, but it was a really fun day! I was all by myself, but went around doing different stuff and was really tired by the end of it. Come with me and check it out!

I started the morning cosy, as it was really hugely cold when I got out of bed. So I made myself a cup of chocolate tea (yums) and drank it while I checked my emails on the computer!

This is my cat, Junior! He is a "Noruguês dos bosques", I don't know the name of the breed in english, but he is huge and fluffy, and has a moustache, as you can see!

Look at his moustache! He looks like eça de queiroz, ahah

Time to show you some more pupz, this is my pipoca. Half chihuahua, half yorkie

And Freddie, my macho latino chihuahua! <3

My outfit! I love those converse sneakers! I bought them half price at an outlet, and the camouflage has skulls worked into the pattern! Btw, I LOVEEEEEE my batman sweater!

Now, as you creatures of the night now, 2013 is the year of the bat. So I knew there was this bat exhibition in Sintra, with loads of bat pictures drawn by kids and stuff. I had to go and check it out!

Some of the bat species that roam in Portugal! :D

Afterwards, there was another exhibition about Roman remains in Sintra, and I decided to check it out. I only took pictures of a coolass human skeleton, but I watched like an hour long video of all the roman remains and ruins present around Sintra. There's loads of stuff and it was so interesting and amazing!

  I then proceeded to go to some shops, and have a wander around my beautiful village. I´m sure you're all gonna turn green of envy, cause this is where I live <3

Isn't it absolutely breathtaking? It looks like it's part of fairytale!

Afterwards, I went to a expensive ass charity shop (where I only got a book) and to the library. The xmas decorations are out, and it looks so lovely! I especially liked the yummi christmas tree!

And inside, they had a xmas tree made from books! Aww!

These are the books I bought & borrowed from the library!

Lastly, I have a surprise... Sneak peek preview of my new hair colour :D


Hope you like wandering around with me <3 See you soon!


  1. that x-mas tree is totaly your face. :3
    I see books I see you princess.
    ho meee gosh! finally new hair color! can't wait to see it <3

    1. You'll get to see it live on Wednesdayyyyyy :D

  2. That x-mas tree is so bad ass.
    Dante's The Divine Comedy is one of my favorite books, nice choice!