Thursday, 17 October 2013


Hey Ghoulies!

As always, I´ve been a terrible blogger. Life has been hectic since I´ve returned from Austrian lands! I had a lot of friends to catch up with (some I haven't even seen yet!), lots of festivals and vacations to attend, and most importantly, 5 months of love to catch up with!

I really wanna get organized in life right now, and get back to blogging, since I have loads of stuff to share with you, my mothly creatures. Lots of inspirational posts, aesthetics, daily posts and FILM, since lately I just can't stop watching movies!

 I´ll just leave you with a pic of my Birthday cake, baked by my sweetheart, with help from me and Neuza! Don't let looks fool you, it was actually quite delicious! You can also get a sneak peak of the party table, and food being snatched from it! I was setting the table and had some early guests there already, and the naughty bastards kept eating the food while I was putting it on the table! By the time the last persons arrived (about 10 pm) there was barely anything left! eheh

See you soon, darling creatures!

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  1. hello, da sim! eles enviam pra ca senao m engano!
    tens aqui o link :

    embora ja li umas reviews ai mas :/