Sunday, 12 January 2014

A weekend by the sea, and a daily outfit with flowers

Hello my darling creatures,

Trying to get back to blogging, I decided to share with you all my very special day, the day me and my <3 had our one year anniversary. It seems like only yesterday that we have met, but alas, a year has gone by. And mind you, it wasn't easy. We spent 5 months apart from each other, me in Vienna (Austria) and him in Lisbon (Portugal, my home country). But true love never dies, as all of us good goths have learned in Bram Stocker's Dracula, hur hur hur. I knew after I spent my first week with him as boyfriend and girlfriend that he was the one, and so it has been. And let me tell you, it is wonderful to spend my life side by side with a man that showers me with love, friendship and understanding in a daily basis. So come and spend our special weekend with us!

Instead of splurging in a super fancy dinner, we were fortunate enough to be given two nights in a seaside hotel in Estoril, with an amazing view over the beach and the marginal. The night started with us swapping our xmas and 1 year anniversary gifts, as pictured above.

And in our opinion, a fancy dinner is NOTHING compared with HUUUGE amounts of pizza, and a good film, curling up in the hotel bed! In this occasion, because we were still super in tune with our xmas spirit, we decided to watch the Grinch!

Then it was time to celebrate, with cheap ass champagne and some time spent contemplating the view :)

And what an amazing view it was! I spent loads of time by the window, just taking it all in.

And this was the view from the other side, where we were fortunate enough to have one of the few balconies of the hotel!

After breakfast, we decided to go for a walk and spend the day in Cascais. We packed some sandwiches and leftover pizza, and headed down the "paredão".

My Titanic pose

And me, being silly with my super cute hello kitty coat. It makes me feel like a super badass 6 year old, I love it! Especially when I pair it with super alternative attire! ahah

At first it was quite a cold, cloudy day, but then the sun decided to come out and say hi!

The day ended with a romantic ride on the ferris wheel by the sea, or the cascais eye, as I named it.

This was my outfit for the day! One of of my favourite skirts, paired with two of my new favourites: A very 90s witchy bag I got from a trade, and a pair of chunky boots I got on my personal couture boutique (feira da ladra) for one euro!

Skirt - Zara
Skulls Jumper - Austria
Witchy Red Moon Bag - Trade
Hello Kitty Fluffly Coat - Primark
Chunky boats - Feira da ladra

I hope you enjoyed sharing my special day! See you soon, batty bats!

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