Monday, 6 January 2014

Happy news

Hello my dearies,

Throughout my life, writting was always my preferred mean of expression. I used to write a lot of poetic prose, poetry, satiric texts, unfinished novels... One day somebody said something mean about one story I was working on, and it broke me will. I have a kind of fragile self-esteem, and I over think too much. As a teenager, I won a couple of important publisher 1ยบ prizes with my short stories, and was even published in my high school poetic anthology. My dream was to be a writer. I kind of stopped writting to expurgate my inner devils for a long amount of time, because life got in the way (that seems to be my excuse to stop doing things that were important for me in the past, but maybe I´m just lazy). In university my academical writting improved, and I was always good at it, but I mostly stopped writting for fun.

Lately I've been working a lot in trying to change the way I experience life. I'm trying to dwell in positive energies, crystals, paganism and ways in which to let the bad stuff out and the good stuff in. I also decided that it was time I started fighting for myself again, trying to accomplish some goals, and actually doing something with my life.

I am very proud to say that I´ve fought for my goal to get back to writting, and trying to do it in a semi-professional manner, and I´m now a writer for Metal Imperium zine! You can read my first published piece of news in this link (portuguese only, I´m afraid) and like the facebook page if you're interested in metal news, reviews, contests, interviews, etc. It is currently liked by 14.810 people on facebook, which is kind of a big deal. I feel very grateful for this opportunity, and I hope it acts as a means to resuscitate me so that I keep fighting for my goals.

And for those of you who might be reading this and feeling some kind of negative emotion, please don't. Remember that you get what you give, and please try to be happy for me. Even if we had some kind of beef in the past, remember the happy moments and memories, and try to keep an open heart. Maybe me if we both do, we can reconnect in the future, and recover whatever was lost. Remember that life is a journey, and we should let go of the bad, forgive and try to do whatever makes us happy.

Goodbye kind of blah last half of 2013! May 2014 be full of joys, laughs, fulfillment and wholeness.

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