Friday, 19 April 2013

(Not so) NEW IN/Haul

Sooooo, I just realized I had a bunch of pictures from stuff I bought over these last few months, and although i've been bad at keeping up with my shopping (this is only a small portion of what I bought) I might as well share with you some of it :)

So, take a trip with me to the depths of bargain shopping obcession!


Clutch from Feira da ladra (3€)

 Some books from an antiquary (1€ each)

 Leather bag from Feira da Ladra, which I really really love (it's a pity it is so small) and it was a MEGA BARGAIN, 1,5 euros!

 Infinity skull and roses scarf (love the pattern) C&A sales, 3€

 Perfume (trade) and owl ear muffs from Primark (1€)

This was a bit of a move outside my comfort zone, because I haven't worn jeans for literally like 10 years... But I figured that a pair of jeans might actually come useful for when I go on hikes and stuff... And I loved these, and they were for cheaps, so I couldn't pass them! (primark - 9 euros each)

I've been wanting a fake leather jacket for AGEEES, so when I found this bad boy, I had to bring him home with me. It's a bit tight unfortunately, but I can make it work (C&A, 29 euros)

Bunch of sweets you can't find in Portugal (I love the one with the candy pacifier)

Bunch of accessories and a black lipstick (cause i´m goff like that) from Claire's, 1€ each

Sweat from new yorker (which is SHIT in Portugal, but really good here in A├║stria!) - 5€
 From new yorker, 5 euros

Now all of these I bought second hand at a humana store sale, and they were all 1 EURO EACH! Yes, you read it right! One fucking eurooooooo!

Knit dress

Flowy skirt
 Glitter knit blouse (one of my star finds, which I already wore loads)

Bra that I shall wear over shirts as a corset thingie, cause i´m a slut like that

Hippie like velvet dress (This doesn't look amazing on me, but all that velvet, for one euro...)

Jacket thingie

Dress with an amazing collar

And finally, another velvet skirt. (I´m terrible, and bought another one today :x)

I have LOADSS more hauls to post, whenever I have the time and patience to photograph everything and post it here. I hope you guys enjoyed my bargains, I´m a hugeeee bargain shop lover (I only buy something full price if I really freaking love it!). And I've been teaching my thrifty ways to my friends and disciples, like my baby Sara Corpsie and to Aileen!

Hope you enjoyed the post, see you soon hopefully

Ta daaaa!

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  1. loved the bargains darling poo :3
    please more posts, its a way of contact!!!