Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Bat Chronicles - Life in Vienna

Hey batties!

I was gonna post a tour of my room here in Vienna, and even maybe of my house... But when I finished tidying up it was already dark, and the pictures were ruined by the flash... I think i'll try to take better piccies one of these days. It's a strange feeling, but whenever i´m abroad I always feel like I have a thousand things to do at the same time, and like my mind and body are spread everywhere. I think I spoke about this before, and it makes it hard to concentrate and get stuff done. Anyways, Vienna is a lovely city, and it remains embodied on it's ancient magnificent glory. In every street corner you can find a surprise, a palace with astonishing architecture  statues, impressive houses and churches, quanty traditional coffee houses decorated in the jugenstill Viennese style, carriages pulled by elegant horses... I still don't know how living here feels. I think it is a beautiful city, but somehow, i cannot process this situation. It's like i´m not on vacation here, nor i am living here... Maybe I am lost in a dream? I´m happy though, I have made good friends, and I´m trying to enjoy the city to it's fullest, as I always do when living abroad.

Tomorrow I have a portuguese friend coming to visit and staying for about a week, so that should be exciting  Meanwhile, have a wander around this fairytale city with me, with some snaps that I have taken thus far. I think you too will want to visit pretty soon!

One of Vienna's typical markets, which are seasonal and happen often all around the city (This one is a easter market, as you can easily tell by the easter egg portrayed, lol)

Creepy stephandom, with zee moon

Snowy footsteps after a night out

A walk in the augarten and a look at the WWII air control towers, which are pretty much indestructible and remain standing in Vienna to this day as a memoir (There are 4 or 5 of them around the city)

The Theatre Museum

A walk to the Vienna museum with friends, and silly pics

Vienna's Zentralfriedhof, or the main cemetery which is purely idyllic and shall have it's own post soon

The parliament, which is one of the most beautiful buildings in Vienna (and trust me, there are plenty of them!) with an amazing amount of statues and beautiful architecture. I love that ducks live in that fountain!

The Central library, chilling out in the sun while reading the walking dead comic, Mozart and Goethe

Beautiful things in the center

More walking dead and a burger king meal, an extravaganza that I very rarely indulge in here in Vienna (Cause i´m really poor)

Opera in the street and some days later actual opera (Eugene Onegin in russian with english subtitles)

This is where I work (well, the garden of my workplace). Feel free to be very jealous :P 

Donausinsel, or the island of the Danube, where you can bathe in the river and go for endless walks (we sunbathed in our bikinis, but didn't dare to get into the water because it was freezing, but many Viennese were doing just so!)

A night out to a fail gothrock party at marea alta

Riding a segway and taking pictures along the danube channel


The Prater

A very cool building, near my house!

Zhat is all for today batties, this post is huge and was a lot of work! Hope you enjoy it and come to visit sometime <3 To all of my friends that read the blog, there's extra mattresses in the house, if you feel tempted to come!

See ya soooooooooooooooon!

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