Sunday, 7 April 2013


My little batlings... :(

I´m so ashamed, I keep promising i'll get back to posting, but I never really do it... Life is intense when you're living abroad, and want to experience everything to it's fullest, while still keeping in touch with friends from home and from previous experiences in other countries. What can I say? I still don't know how I feel. I like it here, I have made some good friends (i´m even lucky enough to live with two of them), my internship is good and i´m learning a lot, there's lots to do and see, and Wien is fucking expensive. I still miss Pedro a hell of a lot, but we skype for hours everyday, and that helps a lot. With each passing day, I love him more, and am more certain that he's the guy I wanna make babies with. It's 4 am, and i´m supposed to go to the Wien museum tommorow (first sunday of the month = free) so i´m gonna gooooo. I´ll leave you with some peeeeeeektures, as usual :D

Schönbrunn Palace. That's here Empress Sisi lived, motherfuckas! Also, Vienna is lovely, as you can see.
Otto Wagner's "Majolika haus". Seeying this masterpiece live, after having studied it's architecture some years ago, was amazing.

Me, being cool as fuck, hur hur hur.

 The "Prater", local carnival/theme park thingie. Extremely kitsch and vintagy like. Whenever I go for walks there, it makes me feel like in a old film. Awww.


My tattoo is looking healthy, and it needs to be retouched. Also, necklace Pedro gave me before I came, which I never take off.

Lounging a true mofo goth

Loads more to come, whenever I remember I have a blog and I need to post stuff on it.


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